Speech Blubs Review: All In One Speech Learning App for Kids

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About Speech Blubs:

Speech Blubs,  Language Therapy is purely an education app for kids that smartly uses video modeling as a tool to encourage kids to speak new words  for language and communication. This app can be helpful for any type of child who could benefit from learning to speak. Speech Blubs is also a great tool to assist children who are struggling with learning to talk by using short, engaging videos, fun photo filters and animated content as well.

How Speech Blubs App Works?

Right after signing up, parents need to answer questions about their child’s communication strengths and weaknesses. It helps the app to offer personalized programs for the kid, which lays down a route plan that parents can adhere to promote their child’s language and communication skills.
For more information about Speech Blubs please read their blog here.

After every successful activity, the parents can up the present skill level of their kid and the next program will suggest activities and games that will resonate with the child’s needs.

The app work on the below-mentioned plan of action:

1. Observe
Your child watches peer models and is encouraged to mimic the same.

2. Role-play
It brings into play the Augmented Reality masks that magically turn their activities into exactly what they are practicing.

3. Talk
After every exercise, the child gets a bonus video story. The purpose of this video is to trigger conversations between the parents and the child.

In case, the child is still not getting along with the activities, then the app may suggest to rope in a speech-language pathologist for in-detail analysis.

All of the programs and activities packed in this app are regularized by the professionals and are set as per different needs and requirements. The app’s solutions are designed in such a way that it caters to both the regular and special kids at the same time. The following are the various categories:

  • Any Child: Smart screen time: You’ll start with our FREE screener. If there are any problems that need to be addressed? You’ll get your answers in our extensive report on your child’s speech and language. Tips & tricks included.
  • Later Talker: Many people have probably told you speech delay is not a big problem. But to you and your child, it’s huge! Our app starts with a screener so you get to know exactly where you are at.
  • Special Needs: Our app was built for typical kids, but just days after launch we were hit by a storm of positive feedback from the autism and Down syndrome community. Try it out and see it for yourself!
  • Speech Therapist: Our app is free for SLPs, SLTs, and special education teachers. All you need to do is use it with your patients and give us feedback.

Why Go for Speech Blubs App?

Speech Blubs app is not confined to any particular age group and bundles loads of features and functionalities that can speed up the learning process of kids. The following are some of the pointers that make Speech Blubs a must-have app for all parents:

  • Uses scientifically proven video modeling for effective speech development.
  • Has over 1500+ exercises, speech therapy activities, funny hats, videos, mini-games, and more.
  • Releases new and exciting content every week.
  • Uses 25 fun activity themes.
  • Has voice-activated functionality that provides a fun and interactive learning experience.
  • Makes fun use of special effects like funny hats and masks in real-time using facial detection.
  • Lets you collect stickers and fill your sticker book as your child progresses.
  • It provides funny and educational content designed to trigger conversation.

Affordable Price

Speech Blubs proudly claims themselves as one of the most cost-effective Language Therapy is an education app on the whole market. And to be fair, they do a pretty good job of keeping that claim factual.
Something that makes Speech Blubs unique as a Language Therapy is an education app is that their prices are displayed clearly and openly on its website for their visitor. I think Speech Blubs deserves the praise for doing this. In fact, on most screen resolutions and layouts, you can actually see their plan pricing without even scrolling down on the page! Additionally, their features  are laid out clearly for potential customers to read and see if  SpeechBlubs’s plans are right for them.
None of Speech Blubs’s competitors have this level and type of transparency. Other competitors will hide the prices or make you sign up before you can even see them. This is often done to sneak in hidden charges that they don’t want to reveal until they’ve gotten you to register (and partially commit to going with them).

Speech Blubs 7 day Free Trial

They have monthly, annual, and even a lifetime plan with prices starting as low as US $4.99/month.

To ensure that Speech Blubs is right for you, parents and therapists can start out with a 7-day free trial. During this period you will get full access to all content and enough time to test out the app with your children or patients.

Our Experience:

I have tested more than 3 similar Language Therapy is an education app in the past a – Speech Blubs is easily one of the top  in terms of  quality, by far.
For the purpose of this review, I have used Speech Blubs for a total of three months so far. Within that time frame, I am more than satisfied with my kids experience. There was no drawback up to this point, to be exact. It was easy to set up thanks to their support team, and the processing power was on-par with other similar apps.

Final Recommendation:

With all of this in mind, let’s get down to the big question: “Would we recommend it?”
And the answer to this is a resounding and absolute “YES”Speech Blubs is a value-oriented, transparent, and highly-reputable Language Therapy is an education app for any kid trying to speak new words and ultimately build their vocabulary for language and communication by using Speech Blubs’s secure and trusted Language Therapy is an education app.
We also definitely recommend Speech Blubs to anyone who is looking for a simple, great to speak new words and ultimately build their vocabulary for language and communication.

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