Seller Snap Review: The Best & Trusted Repricer Tool For Amazon

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In order to understand the perfect price for your products and to gain higher profits on Amazon, it is recommended to use an automated repricing tool.

Seller Snap will help you with such solutions with their AI Amazon repricer and analytics tool.

Here is a detailed review of Seller Snap and if it is worth the price point. Let’s get started.

About Seller Snap:

Seller Snap offers a Premium Solution for Amazon sellers by combining fully automated Amazon repricing with Business Intelligence.

Developed using Game Theory tactics, Seller Snap’s algorithmic Repricer maximizes profits while retaining a fair share of the Buy Box, and avoiding price wars. Seller Snap scans the competitive environment to analyze your competitor’s repricing behavior and then applies the optimum strategy for each individual listing to maximize profit.

Advanced analytics and business intelligence allows you to make data driven decisions and focus on issues that need your immediate attention.

Free Trial: 15-days


  • AI Algorithmic Repricing inspired by Game Theory tactics. 
  • Automated repricing – no rules or conditions are needed to set up the repricer. 
  • Easy set up – The system connects to Amazon’s API and pulls all necessary data from your Amazon store.
  • Customizable repricing settings allow you to adjust repricing behavior by time of day, inventory, sales velocity, and more.
  • You can set your min & max prices based on desired ROI and have the system automatically adjust them whenever there is a change in cost or Amazon fees.
  • You can view relevant metrics, e.g. buybox share, average selling price, revenue change etc. at the listing level, or for the whole store.
  • You can create your own filters and customizable insights, saving you time and helping you gain quick access to the KPIs that are important to your specific business goals.
  • Seller Snap’s has an open API.
  • 24/7 phone and email support.

Why should you choose Seller Snap? 

Seller Snap’s algorithm makes for a very developed and successful tool and was designed to help Amazon sellers scale their businesses.

  • Easy Setup 

Its easy and efficient setup saves time.

  • Automatic Repricing 

Powered by AI technology and Game Theory tactics, this tool reprices your products to get you the BuyBox at the highest possible price, while avoiding price wars.

  • Expert Support

Their team of experts thoroughly investigates potential issues and effectively solves them.

Pricing Plans:

Seller Snap Price

Seller Snap offers four different price plans so that you can choose whichever suits you the best. The four price plans are:

  • Accelerator Program – $250/month
  • Standard – $500/month
  • Premium – $800/month
  • Unlimited

All plans come with Seller Snap’s AI-powered Game Theory Repricer and Analytics tool and 24-hour customer support.

  • Accelerator Program 

This program costs $250 per month. It is recommended for beginners and small businesses. The program lasts six months and was designed to give smaller sellers a chance to use Seller Snap and potentially scale their business.

  • Standard Subscription

This costs $500 per month. Available for one store with up to 3 users. Game theory repricing, analytics tool, up to 15,000 listings, and 24/7 expertise support.

  • Premium Subscription

This program costs $800 per month. It gives access to 10 users and can be used for 3 stores maximum. Includes all standard program features and advanced analytics, additional sales rank, automated workflow, and open API and up to 30,000 listings.

  • Unlimited Subscription

This is for large scale companies that have unlimited stores and unlimited users. It comes with a dedicated environment and custom integrations, along with all the premium features.


Seller Snap is one of the best tools for growing your business on Amazon due to its excellent feature set which is powered by AI.

All in all, if you want your business to grow in the fastest way possible, then there is nothing out there that is better than Seller Snap.

Seller Snap helps you with precisely what you need: Repricing. Its progressive technology has a foolproof mechanism and helps your business thrive using Artificial Intelligence to get you your entitled BuyBox share.

Seller Snap is also an affordable investment with subscription plans convenient for all types of businesses.

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