Mobilehop Vs BrightData, Who is the best?

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BrightData and MobileHop are two of the most well-known proxy providers. With a wide range of features and proxy kinds, MobileHop remains the market leader, BrightData, on the other hand, concentrates on delivering value. Let’s compare the two and determine which is the better option for you.

MobileHop is a new company that has a global staff.

Hustlers and small enterprises are BrightData’s target market. Its focus on use cases such as sneakers and Instagram, as well as reasonable pricing options, demonstrates this. MobileHop, on the other hand, aims to cater to mobile and resedential proxies clients.. However, it ultimately targets a highly technical audience working in businesses.

BrightData is one of our favorites, and we’re not ashamed to say so: it’s won an award every year for its value offerings or excellent customer service. MobileHop’s proxy management and data gathering solutions are among the best in the industry.

BrightData vs MobileHop: Services

BrightData provides two types of proxies: shared datacenter and peer-to-peer home IPs. MobileHop offers mobile proxies and a distinct pool of mobile IPs, among other things.

Aside from proxies, both providers feature proxy APIs. These are proxy networks with built-in web scraping logic that consistently provide data with a 100% success rate. BrightData’s tool is focused on Google, whereas MobileHop’s solution is more comprehensive.

Finally, one of BrightData’s services is an anonymous browser. It takes advantage of the provider’s advantages by allowing users to create several browser profiles. Account management is most likely the most common use case.


Now let’s do a comparison of the features of both of the proxy services. Let’s first take a look at the features of BrightData.


  • It comes up with 40M+ real device IPs.
  • Full anonymity and security
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited connections and threads
  • Advanced Rotation


  • 50+ Premium USA Locations
  • You get a 80Mbps download speed 24/7
  • IP can be changed instantly and unlimited times
  • Account setup instantly
  • Its targeting options include Country, Region, State, City & ISP.
  • Premium live chat support 24/7

In terms of features, we believe MobileHop is the superior option if you want to use a simple yet feature-loaded proxy service. When compared to BrightData, MobileHop has a simple dashboard for managing all of your proxies. In their help area, it offers a number of useful articles and commonly asked topics.

Winner: MobileHop

Pool Size

For three weeks, we made 100,000 connection requests every day. We used a global endpoint and a high rotation setting.

Connection Requests2,121,0221,924,216
Unique IPs1,082,528 (51.04%)1,224,255 (63.62%)

MobileHop provided us with more unique IPs, despite the fact that both providers have enormous proxy pools.

Success Rate

Cloudflare’s US server was our objective. It’s a neutral target that demonstrates how well the proxy server performs.

Success Rate99.2499.5788.15

BrightData and MobileHop both have a success percentage of over 99 percent. You should have little trouble using any proxy with a properly configured web scraper.

Response Time

Our goal was once again in the United States.

Response Time (Avg)1.16s0.97s
Response Time (Median)0.64s0.56s

MobileHop’s IPs are lightning fast when compared to BrightData. The providers’ load balancing servers may have an impact on the findings in other areas.


MobileHop is substantially less expensive than Oxylabs, regardless of which option you select.

Monthly and YearlyHourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly
NoGet started at $5 hourly

Unless you’re scraping Google, BrightData’s price approach is based on bandwidth. For the same proxy types, ProxyGuys prioritises bandwidth, as is customary for rotating IPs.

BrightData offers monthly recurring plans, which means you pay for traffic in advance. If you run out of space but don’t want to upgrade your plan, you can purchase more gigabytes for the same price. MobileHop is also priced by per day pricing that becomes more cheap after a particular level of commitment is reached.

When comparing pricing, MobileHop comes out on top.

Customer Support

Both of these companies have good documentation. It answers general queries and provides information on services, setup, and integration. Because of the complexity of its architecture,  BrightData has a greater requirement for documentation.

If you require live assistance, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via live chat. We choose MobileHop since its agents are generally competent and answer almost promptly.

Conclusion: BrightData vs MobileHop

So, which proxy provider is the best? It all depends, as it always does.

When it comes to features and proxy kinds, BrightData is far more flexible. However, it is substantially more expensive and difficult to use.

So, what are your options? The best method is to check out MobileHop and see whether it provides the functionality you require for your application. The performance change is insignificant, but the cost savings are significant.

The clear winner of this comparison is “MobileHop“.

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