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About HostMetro

Let’s talk money: HostMetro offers lifetime hosting from $2.95/mo. This is thanks to something called price lock. Forgot about those “cheap now, expensive later” offers–HostMetro guarantees that the price you pay now is the price you’ll pay for life. They also offer an incredible list of free extras and additional services.

HostMetro provides shared hosting, domain names and e-mail hosting. They’ve taken the basic services that every website needs and built their whole business around delivering them.

HostMetro has optimized their servers for eCommerce purposes. This makes them a good option if you plan to open a website store. If you don’t think that you’re up to building a WordPress store, HostMetro offers some very good shopping carts. You can set up your hosting account to accept PayPal and Google Pay.

What Makes HostMetro Unique?

Web hosting companies are notorious for their “cheap now, expensive later” offers. If you search Google, you’ll find thousands of comments from website owners who were snared by a low introductory offer but paid sky-high prices later. This makes HostMetro’s price lock concept unique: The price you pay for your hosting remains the same for life.

HostMetro keeps things simple. You won’t find any dedicated hosting or VPS. However, HostMetro does provide budget shared hosting, domain names and e-mail. They specialize in the exact features that you’d want from a shared host minus the fancy extras that you may not ever use.

HostMetro has optimized their basic hosting for eCommerce. Any additional security certificates are fairly priced.

The HostMetro Online Reputation

HostMetro has generally earned strong online reviews. gives them a score of 3.5. Out of 25 reviews placed, 15 give them the highest score of 5 stars. There are no complaints about support or downtime. Most reviewers give the high highest score for value. also give HostMetro a score of 3.5. Out of the 151 reviews on that site, many score support and value highly.

Despite all these favorable reviews, not everyone is enamored of this company. At least 25% of the reviews for HostMetro give them one star. Many of these reviews cite poor functionality and slow support.

HostMetro Low Prices

Not only are HostMetro’s prices low, they’re guaranteed for life.

Shared Hosting (From $2.95/mo)

All Shared Hosting plans are WordPress-ready and come with a free domain, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. Hosting also comes eCommerce-ready: Your server space can accept PayPal and Google Pay from the start of your service. You’ll also get access to a number of shopping carts with one-click install. SSL security certificates are free on the Super Max plan and available for only $2.50/mo. on the Mega Max plan.

Mega Max ($2.95/mo)

  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage

Super Max ($6.95/mo)

  • Free SSL Security Certificate
  • Free Malware Scans
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Free SEO

All Shared Hosting plans are capable of powering the most resource-hungry websites. They’ve been fully optimized to handle streaming video and audio. The eCommerce functionality is impressive and can power any website store you choose to launch. Also, there are some impressive SEO features to help you promote your website.

Domain Names

You’ll receive a free domain name with all hosting plans. Here again, HostMetro sets themselves apart from other hosting companies. With most hosts, you can expect to pay more than the standard price for a domain name. By contrast, HostMetro doesn’t charge any additional costs for extra domain names. Their prices are fair and close to the industry standard.

Email Hosting ($2.50/mo)

All website hosts offer a webmail facility. Standard hosting plans come with mailboxes as standard. At 2.50/mo., HostMetro’s e-mail hosting is definitely worth consideration.

The e-mail hosting is secure and personalized. Your e-mail addresses will be specific to your domain name. Also, HostMetro promises never to sell email data to third-party marketing companies. They constantly scan email servers to prevent spoofing or spam emails as well. Not only are the spam filters impressive, the functionality of the webmail interface is very user-friendly too.

$2.50 per month is quite cheap. Personally, I prefer to just redirect my email to a Gmail address, but you may be required to use their own nameservers to do that.

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