Adding Live Comments to Notion and Google sites using FastComments

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There aren’t many ways to communicate live and asynchronously with your teammates within Notion or Google Sites. FastComments Live Commenting solves that problem. Here’s an overview.

As we all know Notion is one of the fastest growing productivity applications right now, in terms of users. It has amassed over 4M users at last count and this constantly grows each day, thanks to the flexible nature of Notion’s powerful databases, easy to use pages and speed improvements.

Adding Live Comments to Notion and Google sites using FastComments

Why choose FastComments for adding live comments?

As an supplier, FastComments offers APIs and other services that make it possible to incorporate comment threads into programmes that work with oEmbed. You don’t need to worry about these technical details, however, unless you want to create a custom integration that’s not Notion or Google Sites.

A Brief Demonstration of FastComments With Notion

You can easily build a conversation link by going to while logged into your tenant. After you pick a name for the conversation, you can add it to your Notion page or any other application that works with

You can try embedding the following link in your document to test:


The commenting widget that is inserted can then be configured in the same way as any other FastComments instance.

For instance, we may modify the comment widget so that users can vote or remark using just their names instead of their email addresses.

A Brief Demonstration of Its Use For Google Sites

The process is the same for Google Sites, which is also supported.

-STEP1: Make a dialogue to embed.

-STEP2: Go to Insert -> Embed while modifying your Google Site. Choose a URL.

-STEP3: Copy and paste the Step 1 URL.

-STEP4: Press Insert. Done!

Adding The Embed Link

How to add FastComments to a Google Site

Commenting Added to Your Google Site!


Who Gets It?

On all tiers, oEmbed support is now available to all past, present, and future FastComments clients.

Including a Current Conversation

Simply input the discussion name on the Create a Conversation page as the value of the URL ID passed to the commenting widget in order to incorporate an existing conversation.

As a result,

We hope you find this feature to be just as quick and simple to use as the rest of FastComments.

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