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Tips for Ramazan 2017

The holy month of Ramazan is about to start. Ramazan month is the month of fasting and refrain from immoral thoughts and activities. It is the month of doing good things. I am sure you would be looking for tips for Ramazan 2017, if so you are on right page. . In this article we have provided you tips for Ramazan 2017, that will help you to follow the month and do good things. These tips for Ramazan 2014, will work as a guide book and help you to enjoy the fasting month and do good things.

During the Ramazan you Muslims are not allowed to drink, eat, smoke, use abusive language, and have to refrain from sex. Every adult Muslim has to follow these rules during the fasting hours that is from dawn to dusk. Pregnant women’s, breast feeding women’s, children’s, sick people and females in menses are exempted from fasting. If you start following the tips for mothers day qoutes, then you will not find any difficulty in following the Ramazan month.


Tips for Ramazan 2014

If you are a TV Freak then start cutting down on watching TV time and give more time to reading Quran.

Avoid reading or looking at unlawful pictures. If you have magazine subscriptions then try to avoid using such magazine.

If you are a movie fan then try to stay away from movies and rather start going to Masajid and attend different prayers, as during the month you are required to recite more Quran.

Abstain from consuming excessively. Consume just when you are extremely hungry and make an effort not to fill your stomach totally.

If you love to drink more of Coffee, Tea or Soda, make sure you reduce consumption.

If you smoke then start cutting down on smoking from now, as during the fasting hours you are not allowed to smoke, so try to quit smoking.

I am sure you would be listing music a lot, if so try cutting down on the time spent on listening music and replace that time with reading Quran.

If you love playing cards or any other games, then start avoiding such games, and utilize that time for good things.


If you love to go out with friends for party or picnic, start avoiding it from now, otherwise Ramazan month will be difficult month for you.

If you have friends who do not stick to the guidelines of Islam, then start avoiding such friends. Ramazan month is the holy month and need to follow it strictly.

If you travel a lot because of your business, then try to do local business, so you can spend more time with your family and your local community.

I am sure these tips of hindi best status will prepare you for the fasting month which will start soon. The estimated start of the holy month is 28th June 2014, actual start of the month depends on the sighting of the new crescent moon. We would advise you to start following these tips for Ramazan 2014 from now, so that you will not find it difficult to follow the guideline of Ramazan.