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When is Ramadan in 2017

According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month if the calendar. Muslims also believed that during this month the Quran was publicized. So we can say that Quran was revealed in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and that is why Ramadan is celebrated in this month. This is the holy month for the Muslims and the very prestigious and religious month for the people who believe in Islam. People of who follow Islam celebrate  this month by fasting as it is considered to be the five pillars of Islam.


The religious sentiments of the people are attached with this festival. People who keep fast during this month believe that something good will happen with them. Usually during the daylight hours from morning till sunset people keep fast. They do not drink or et during this time. There is a strong belief of the Muslim people that during this particular month the Quran was sent to the lowest heaven. At this time it was being prepared steady surprise by Jibraeel to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. It is also believed that Prophet Muhammad told his followers that heaven will be open for every month and hell will be closed.


Also the starting date of the next month is celebrated as the Eid ul- Fitr or the festival of breaking fast. This day is also known as Shawwal for the Muslims. Every year according to the Islamic calendar this Ramadan month is celebrated in the ninth month of the calendar. So in this year 2014, Ramadan will be celebrated most probably on 28 June, 2014 and will last till 27 July, 2014 for complete 30 days. During this whole month the people of Islamic regions will keep a fast as a symbol of religious sentiments.

In the North America, the Ramadan will be celebrated one day later on 29 June,2014. As according to the Islamic calendars the holiday is observed on the sunset of the previous day so because of this the Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of 27 June, 2014. Basically the month of  mothers day best wishes will vary from country to country because of the sight of the moon in that particular country. But it will not vary much as it will happen a day earlier or later only. The moon also plays a big role in the month of the Ramadan .