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Download Primo App: Best FREE Communications App

Primo App: Best FREE Communications App

Primo App is free Communication App. Replace your traditional calling experience with Primo application. For making calling experience better and interesting the developer introduced the Primo application. Primo application is free communication application which allows you to call and message to you friend and family around the world for free.

This service is trying to offer a non-stop shop for all your communication needs. Using this application you can do call, SMS, video call, send file and more. It is the pretty application for instant messaging. Primo connect something that makes it special. It doesn’t only work with people using the same application. One can also send a message and perform traditional calls to anyone. And you are calling across 33 free countries, you will get a monthly allowance of minutes that won’t cost a penny.

Let us move down to the features offered by Primo App

primo App

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Features: Primo application

  • Free internet calls: Call over 60 destinations for free, using free primo minutes. We never expire that minutes so we can take an advantage of it anytime.
  • Call anyone, anywhere: Save your international calling to over 200 destinations with a use of Primo’s low per minute’s rates, and rates plan. Rent starts 1 cent per minutes.
  • Unlimited free call and chat primo to primo: primo to primo messaging are free.
  • Get rewarded: Refer your friend and family to Primo and when they download and join you will be rewarded with free referral minutes that never expire. And when we telling about yourself then the application give one off minutes.
  • Text messaging: text messaging feature are here using that you can send text messages around the world and also with emojis.
  • Share anything: with primo, you can instantly share pictures, music, video and more with other primo uses and you use for communication IMO, Sarahah for Android, Telegram.

How to Install Primo in Android Phones:

For installing and enjoying Primo first connect with internet connection

  1. Open the ‘Play Store’ in your Android device.
  2. In ‘Play Store’ search the Primo.
  3. The Play Store shows you the Primo application.
  4. Now select that and select Install for Download the application.
  5. It takes few minutes so wait for few minutes to take an advantage of interesting Primo application.
  6. After installation complete, you can use your application and enjoy the calling features and you can make communicate on IMO Android App.


Primo App is free calling application so you can enjoy the good advantage of this application. Using this connect with friends and family why need wait. And the application is bug-free. And it gives implemented features in video calling application. So let’s, connect with your people and enjoy the video call experience to get more touch with your people.