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Tips to follow while buying a used car


Buying a car is a dream for millions of people all around the world. But for a middle-class family, owning a car is not at all an easy task, as it demands a huge sum as initial investment. Purchasing a used car is one of the best way by which you can buy your dream vehicle without creating negative impacts on your bank balance. There are many sellers who sell used car in Mumbai  under 5 lakh, and it will surely give you impeccable quality just like a fresh one.

While buying a used car, you should be very careful, and should always make sure that you are purchasing the right one which will provide you a profitable deal. Scroll down to read some effective tips which will help you in selecting the best used vehicle.

Used car in mumbai

Things to consider before buying a used vehicle

  • Think about the brand, model and year of manufacture: These three factors play their crucial role in determining the price of any car. You should always make sure that the car which you are buying had tasted success in the market. If you are purchasing a less popular car, then the future maintenance will turn out to be really hectic, as obtaining various parts will be a very difficult deal. It is also very much necessary to consider the model and year of manufacture. To obtain the best results, you can also avail the help of an auto consultant.
  • Consider the overall looks: Before saying yes to the seller, you should closely check the exterior and interior conditions of the vehicle. If there are wears and tears, you can negotiate for the price, and sometimes, you will get some reductions. The interior should be neat, and should give a fresh appeal to you.
  • Check the mechanical conditions and mileage: This is the most crucial tip which you should follow while looking for a used car. You should make sure that the engine is perfect, and it should be void of any complaints. It is also recommended to check the mileage and fuel efficiency of the vehicle before giving a positive nod to the seller. Also, check the condition of tyres before making the purchase.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you to choose the right vehicle which will make your journey heavenly in the coming years.  Apart from these awesome tips, you should also check whether the insurance of the vehicle has been properly paid to avoid future issues.


Candy Crush Saga for PC

How to Run Candy Crush for PC Online

Candy Crush Game is the most popular game invited to entertain the Smartphone users. It is worldwide famous for its puzzle game. Android phone or tablet users can easily download this game from Google. While PC users can run this game into PC with one mediator called bluestacks. Yes this game cannot be directly installed from net; user must follow the procedure which we are going to show you in this article. Whoever wants to learn and play Candy Crush in big screen of computer must check out and follow this method. Working with this process is very simple and easy, no need to pay any extra cost or hidden charges for this. So let’s move on to the process now. For best photo editing apps you can install Snapseed for pc download.

How to Run Candy Crush in PC

If you are not knowing how to download or install Candy Crush game in your personal windows 7/8/10 computer, here is the process. This will run your game in PC smoothly. You can download this game in your desktop without a doubt. Here is the process check it out here under.

Candy Crush Saga for PC

· First install bluestacks from Google.

· This is very easy you just type the Bluestacks in search column and install it.

· Open bluestacks in your PC.

· On screen you will be displaying home page where in the upper left side search column will appear.

· Move your cursor there and type Candy Crush name there.

· Now move your cursor in the downside.

· Here you will be displayed install tab, double click on this tab.

· Your Candy crush app is installing now, let the downloading finished completely.

· Now the time is to switch to main page of bluestacks.

· Click to go back arrow and find the Candy Crush icon.

· Immediately click on this.

Now you are absolutely available and play this game in the big screen of windows computer. It might take some time if your net connection is slow. But don’t worry you will get it in the short span of time. It is a best video editor among others. So here is the 360 Root on your computer screen to play in your free time. Install it and enjoy playing this tricky game.

Happy Valentines Day Gift Guide

14th feb is known as a day of love, affection and romance. Love is not the subject of touch it is the subject of feel. To feel that love we here provide you the Valentines day 2017 Gift Guide to express your feelings towards your loved one. On valentines day some go for parties do candle light dinner to enjoy this occasion.

Exchanging a valentine day gift is also another good example of how much you love someone. Valentine gift guide will give you the guidance of what kind of gifts you will have to give on this auspicious day.

valentines day quotes 2015

Gift never measures love but the feelings expressed through that gift measured.

Rose is always been the sign of love and bunch of rose gifts will increase your love on this day. The smell and fragrance of the flowers will fragrant to your relations too. Bouquet of the perfect red roses is a lovely meaning of what they mean for you. It creates depth and intensity of love for your beloved one.

Birds are always been the sign of romance. Above mentioned birds kiss in hearts specially give the charm of love and affection with each other. This card elaborates a long lasting love and caring affection with eachother. Especially it is meant for a just married or a person dating with a girl or engaged could send these types of greeting card to their loved one. So send the romantic status in hindi to your personalized valentine.


Girls mostly like teddy bears so this special teddy bear gift mentioned here for your loved one. See the message over here I love you more than chocolate. Chocolate is the most loved edible food for everyone. Teddy expresses their feelings by showing this message I love you more than anything in the world.

Concerned to your feelings we have provided you the beautiful collections follow Mothers day card messages Guide for you to make your day more joyful and delighted. So get ready to pack these beautiful gifts for your beloved one and let them feel heavenly happiness ever they feel.

When is Ramadan in 2017

According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month if the calendar. Muslims also believed that during this month the Quran was publicized. So we can say that Quran was revealed in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and that is why Ramadan is celebrated in this month. This is the holy month for the Muslims and the very prestigious and religious month for the people who believe in Islam. People of who follow Islam celebrate  this month by fasting as it is considered to be the five pillars of Islam.


The religious sentiments of the people are attached with this festival. People who keep fast during this month believe that something good will happen with them. Usually during the daylight hours from morning till sunset people keep fast. They do not drink or et during this time. There is a strong belief of the Muslim people that during this particular month the Quran was sent to the lowest heaven. At this time it was being prepared steady surprise by Jibraeel to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. It is also believed that Prophet Muhammad told his followers that heaven will be open for every month and hell will be closed.


Also the starting date of the next month is celebrated as the Eid ul- Fitr or the festival of breaking fast. This day is also known as Shawwal for the Muslims. Every year according to the Islamic calendar this Ramadan month is celebrated in the ninth month of the calendar. So in this year 2014, Ramadan will be celebrated most probably on 28 June, 2014 and will last till 27 July, 2014 for complete 30 days. During this whole month the people of Islamic regions will keep a fast as a symbol of religious sentiments.

In the North America, the Ramadan will be celebrated one day later on 29 June,2014. As according to the Islamic calendars the holiday is observed on the sunset of the previous day so because of this the Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of 27 June, 2014. Basically the month of  mothers day best wishes will vary from country to country because of the sight of the moon in that particular country. But it will not vary much as it will happen a day earlier or later only. The moon also plays a big role in the month of the Ramadan .

Folic Acid

Best Medications of Folic Acid Uses

Folic acid is a man-made Vitamin B which is presents in the fruits and vegetables. Folate is the main source to build blood red cells, tissue growth. Folic acid is naturally found in citrus foods, dark green vegetables like peas, spinach. Folic acid can be taken orally in the form of Vitamin B12 capsules or tablets. This leads the body to grow and maintain new cells and treat certain types of anemia occur due to lack of red blood cells. It is also used to prevent the DNA change which is very good for preventing the risk of cancer. There are so many other medications of Folic acid uses, please note it down from here under.

Folic Acid Uses Advantages

Folic Acid

Treat Anemic Patients

Folic acid or folate is used to treat low blood levels. Folic acid increase blood cells in the body and decrease the anemic condition in the body.

To Treat Kidney Disease

Folic acid is a substantial drug which is beneficial to prevent kidney disorders. It lowers the homocysteine levels and thus prevents occurring kidney disease.

Lowers the High Blood Pressure

In the medical science Folate is used as the best treatment to lower the blood pressure. It reduces homocysteine compound from the body, because excess homocysteine in the body can occur heart stroke problem.

In Earlier Pregnancy Period

It is the most wanted vitamin must be taken orally when baby in the womb. Mother must take proper glacial acetic acid dose to prevent miscarriage and neural tube defects. It boosts the immunity systems provide good supplement of vitamins in the body of expecting mother.

Folic Acid Overdose Diverse Effects

Stomach problems, kidney disorders, pernicious anemia, rashiness and hives of itchiness, all these adverse effects can occur in the body when access folic acid enters in the body.

Though it is a non toxic and harmless acid, dosages must be taken after proper consultation of Dr. In pregnancy it is must to consult about dosages. There may be changes in the dose when you are pregnant and when you are feeding the new born baby.


How to Download Re-Volt 2 for PC

If there is a word called restricted, then the Re-Volt 2 for PC is such an application to cross the lines. Well, there are many sites on the internet which you will find to be restricted, or you are not accessible to go. So if you wish to get it done then here is just a small thing for you to go. Well, the Re-Volt 2 for PC is private browsing site which has access to almost all the blocked sites over the internet. So if you wish to take an advantage of it what you need to do is download the Re-Volt 2 for PC and then get something better with. So it is something basically what you cannot expect from the other browsers and then get the best thing for your needs.

Framaroot for PC

Step 1:

First of all to get started with the download the fundamental thing that you have to do is to get a hold of a good emulator. Remember one thing that an emulator is always needed to download an application into a PC and then make use of it. There are many emulators such as Bluestacks which will come on to your way in helping you. So, first of all, you need to download OG YouTube apk and install it.

Step 2:

The next thing that you need to do is to download the application, and you can do it easily by searching for it through the Bluestacks search bar. Once you get Photo grid collage maker, you can now give an easy click to install it and then get the file to be downloaded. Once you get it downloaded, you can share the keep it downloading at one goes. However, you need to remember that your internet speed will affect in the downloading procedure.


Step 3:

Now that you have completely downloaded the file so you can simply install tutuApp and run the application.

GSEB 12th Class HSC Result 2017 Online Download

You have come to the right place to check your GSEB HSC 2017 result online. Yes we are going to provide you the very sweet and short way to check your 12th board result 2017 online in a very sweet manner. Tentatively Gujarat Board HSC 2017 result is going to be published on its official site in the second or third week of May. Result dates vary every year, so for this you can check site and know the exam result date from this. But if you are not aware with how to download GSEB HSC 2017 Result online you must get idea from this article. We will give you the complete information about how you can trace your result online without any interruption. Please do follow to the guidelines mentioned over here under.

GSEB HSC result 2017

How to Check GSEB 12th 2017 Result Online

Well for this you must visit its official site. is the trusted and authorized site where students can check all types of information for checking the HSC exam date, exam sheet, ask exam oriented questions online and also see their exam result online. So let’s start our process with log in to its official site.

· Go to or log on to gseb site.

· Now click on the link of results appears in the home page.

· Once you click on this link, HSC result 2017 link will display on screen, quickly give a mouse click on this.

· Now you will be asked to enter your roll no and date of birth in the displaying boxes.

· Type your roll no correctly, because single mistake of no can ruin your efforts.

· Re check the no you typed and if it is correct click on submit button now.

· if you want you can save it in pdf format for the future use.

GSEB HSC 2017 result

See there is no lengthy process or cost required to see your GSEB HSC result online. Just you need to keep a watch on the exact date of result. Gujarat Board officially announce the exam result date in Gujarat news papers and its official site too, so keep a watch on this.

Why GSEB HSC exam is important

HSC exam is a 10+2 pattern exam. We all know that all over India 12th board exam is a very significant exam for the students. Students, who have high goals and want to achieve something, do their best efforts in this exam. After HSC exam results students can get further admission in the reputed collages of their favourite streams, like of medical courses, various engineering collages. So it is a milestone exam for the students of Gujarat to complete their aspiring goals.

Truecaller for PC Downloads Online

In every Smartphone this app is downloaded to trace the stranger caller. Truecaller helps you in tracing the name of unknown calls. It has included around 500 million users data to trace the name and location of the caller. It becomes the actual necessity of every Smartphone. This app is free to install in Smartphone or iOS users. Legally it is not mended to download this app for PC. Bur you can still download this app in PC via Truecaller for PC downloads tutorials. It is a trusted and simple way to install this app in PC. If you like to play games then download snes games. We will let you know the complete procedure soon but before that let us show you the key features of Truecaller app.

Truecaller for PC

Truecaller Features

· One of the most trusted app to find the name and location of the caller

· It can trace any kind of no around the world.

· You can also get the mobile no by typing a name person.

· It has a unique facility to block the unwanted callers too.

How to Download Truecaller for PC

Truecaller is really a unique app gives you the comfort of showing you the no of the callers. Now you can receive the same facility in the PC through following Truecaller for PC guidelines. You can download Truecaller in PC through bluestacks. Bluestacks is the only helping hand fetches all the android apps in PC. It supports the android apps to convert in the PC. How? Let us show you the proper step by step method here.

Truecaller for PC Download

· First open go to Google and type bluestacks app player in search column.

· Once you type bluestack, you will be given the option to download it.

· Click on install button and convert this software in your PC.

· Once it is downloaded open this software.

· Repeat the same procedure here. Search “Truecaller” and click on the reflecting “install” button.

· You will see the download process is started. Wait and watch for some time till the downloads complete.

Once the downloading is finishes go back to Xbox 360 Emulator page. Find Truecaller logo and click on this. You are ready to enjoy the call tracing facility in your PC.

How to Check Axis Bank Credit Card Status Online

If you have applied for the Online Axis bank credit card status, you can verify the current status of Credit card here. You will be provided all the information regarding how to track the status as well as how to apply for credit card too.

Credit card is an important invisible credit that allows you to do shopping in malls, paying huge restaurant bills and other billing convenience. If you have currently enrolled the form for Axis bank credit card, you can check the current position of credit card online. Axis bank has utilized the online Axis bank portal to help the customers across the world. With this you can apply for credit card as well check the status in one finger click. First of all let you guide how to enroll for credit card and later on how to check the status of credit card status.


How to apply for credit card

· First of all go to

· All cards like debit card, credit card is highlighted

· Click on the credit card link

· Enter all the required details in the columns

· Now click to check your eligibility

· if you are an axis bank account holder, type your account no here

You will be provided one application id number will be useful in showing the status of axis bank credit card later on. Here are the details for how you can apply for the Axis bank credit card payment. Now let’s move on to the axis bank credit card status.

How to check axis bank card status

First click to this link

1) You need to type your application id no and mobile no

2) Submit the same details you entered in the application form of axis bank credit card

3) Your card status will be displayed on screen


You will be provided the details if the process is going on or they are lacking any information from your side. And if you want to know your status by phone you are also provided the toll free numbers.

1800 103 5577

1800 233 5577

1800 209 5577

+91 22 27648000

All above three numbers are toll free, and charged for the fourth one if you are calling from out of India. Axis bank customer care executive will give you the complete information about the status of your credit card. Check here to know about the online status of your credit card.

All these are true and faithful source to apply for axis bank credit card as well as to know the status of your credit card.

How to Play Bridge

Bridge one of the most popular card game played with all the cards of spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. The bridge card game is played in partnership and the partners try to defeat the opponent partners during the game. At the end of the game, the team which scores most points is declared winner. The bridge game is also popular among kids as it offers a good fun time plus a chance of polishing calculation skills. The rules of bridge involves passing, bidding, and bidding a suit. We have shown here how to play bridge in your leisure hours.

Rules of Bridge

Check out the rules of bridge card game to play it with greater efficiency. Scrabble rules, winning and scores are given here:

Ranking of the cards in bridge game is as usual with the Ace ranking the highest. The King, Queen, Jack follows. All other cards are ranked according to their numbers.

Rules For Bridge

· The Deal

The dealer player distributes 13 cards to each player with face down position starting from the left.

· The Main Objective of the Game

Each team tries to score points by bidding and defeating the opponent team’s bid. The team with highest scores wins.

· What is Bidding and Passing in the Bridge

After the cards are dealt to the each player, a hand is picked up and a call is made. When a player is not bidding, he declares “Pass.” If everyone declares a pass, a new hand is dealt.

Playing Bridge

The card is taken and placed on the table with face up. One by one, players plays their cards and a trick is constituted. The one who plays highest card, wins the trick. If a player is unable to follow his suit, he may play any card. If the player has a card which can follow suit, he cannot play any other card. Euchre card game is also popular in kids.

Playing Bridge

A trick which contains a trump card is won by the player who has played the highest valued trump card. A trick which does not contain a trump card is won by the player who has played the highest card of the suit led first.

Follow our blog to learn huge number of card games, board games, and dice games. Indoor games are also a great way to kill your leisure hours. A lots of card games are popular among kids and adults. Some of the most popular card games are bridge, spades, crazy 8 rules, and phase 10.