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Islamic calendar 2017

Islamic calendar is the kind of normal calendar which gives you all the dates of the Islamic festivals. This keeps all the Muslim people well aware and updated with all the festivals of Islam. There can be slight changes to these dates as they are determined by the lunar ramadan calendar. Prophet Muhammad founded Islam in the 7th century. Till date this religion has become the second largest religion of the world as it is followed by the 1.2 billion people all over the world. Quran is also the holy book of Islam which was founded by the Prophet Muhammad.


Islam is the Arabic word which means submission. According to the Muslims and their belief Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger from the God. There is one goal in every Muslim’s life and that is to please the God or the Allah for their better life and enlightment. There are five pillars of Islam and these are categorized as Salah, Zakah, Shahdaha, Hajj and Sawm. These five pillars have different meanings like Salah means prayer and they believe that praying five times a day. Zakah means donate and every Muslim has to donate some fixed proportion of their saving to help some poor or for some good cause. Shahdah means faith and they believe that there is no god except their Allah and the Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger from the God. Hajj means pilgrimage and they believe that for at least once in a year every Muslim should make pilgrimage at Mecca if it is affordable to them. Sawm means fasting and they believe that they should keep fast during the month of Ramadan. That is why Ramadan is known as one of the pillars of the Islam.


In 2014 the Islamic Calendar will have certain holidays from January to November. The month of Ramadan will be celebrated on June 28, 2014 and will last till July 27, 2014. Just after this day that is on July 28, Eid-al-Fitr will be celebrated that will mark the end of Ramadan month,if you get more information visit . After this Waqf-al-Arafa also known as hajj will begin on October 3,2014 followed by Eid-al-Adha on October 4. Therefore many other festivals are followed in this year that marks the Islamic calendar. For any further details and information regarding the Islamic calendar you can check out the link below. To keep yourself updated with all the Islamic festivals you can check the link below.