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Introduction and how to download IMO for Android

Are you in search of latest growing messaging app? Then what are you waiting for! Switch on to the app named “IMO Messenger”, where you can find latest updates and amazing features.It supports the user to chat with others for free using Wifi ,2G,3G, and 4G internet connections.

IMO Messenger is arguably one of the most capacious Voip and messaging apps on the market today.The IMO network,first introduced on web last year and met with positive user feedback has been redesigned for users on both Android and  IOS device.

Before getting down on the procedure of how to download IMO messenger ,let`s have a small look on some features of IMO messenger to make it a special one.



I have been a fan of IMO since long time, the free web-based chat services that let`s you connect with your contacts from multiple services. It often launches with new features so I prefer “IMO Messenger”. You can also record you chat using SCR Recording app.


Remember those days where we use to often have group discussions, chit chats and many more fun. No need to worry  we can continue our same discussions using this amazing app of IMO Messenger. The new updated group chat is integrated and easy to use.It allows you to create a group chat and save groups of friends or colleagues.You can also make voice call in group chats and start talking to friends in a group.


Have you ever used a feature of inviting friends in any of the other apps? No, you won`t even find such feature anywhere else  except  in IMO Messenger .The person one is unaware of this app can also download it through the link which is sent by the normal message by the user which is beneficial for both.


Suppose the user is tired of typing the text message but want to continue his communication without any interruption then user can send the voice message by   recording his voice.


  1. Can make high quality video and audio calls to your friends and family.
  2. You can make messages   more eloquent and attractive by affixing different stickers and Emojis.
  3. You can also block the unwanted or misbehaving persons.
  4. Last  seen  is also visible to the user.
  5. If a person is online and if he is making a call then it shows as “ringing” on the screen and if the person is offline its shows as “calling.

Before we start  grabing  the features of IMO  Messenger let us learn the procedure how to download it.


STEP1: Go to play store and type IMO Messenger on search bar tap on the IMO Messenger from the following displayed list.

STEP2: Tap on the install button, and accept the terms and condition, once you accept the conditions the app starts downloading.

STEP3: Now enter the required details like Name, Gender, Phone number etc.

STEP4: As soon as you enter your phone number, you get a verification code.

STEP5: Enter the code provided and start using IMO Messenger.


We always worry about the internet speed before making any video call or a voice call. But IMO  helps us by giving better performance on slow internet speed and this is the reason why I prefer IMO Messenger .Now- a- day`s playview apk has become most popular application for  foe video calls and chats which decreases the communication gap between people. So this is the best app for the user in every way to communicate and to share images, voice messages etc.