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DPEX Courier Tracking – Track Courier, Parcel, Shipment Status Online

DPEX Courier is the main express conveyance organization exceeding expectations in conveying sends, packages and cargoes with quick speed. Quickness, unwavering quality and time-clear conveyances are center estimations of DPEX Courier which is as of now granting its profitable administrations in more than 220 nations. The dispersion and logistics market pioneer handles more than stunning 3.6 million shipments on every business day. The business sectors everywhere throughout the world are associated by DPEX in a characterizing way. A huge number of individuals worldwide are following their shipments at its authority online track device consistently. DPEX Express imagined express conveyance and is the business’ worldwide pioneer, giving fast, dependable, time-clear conveyance to more than 220 nations and domains, interfacing markets in just a span of three business days.

DPEX Courier Tracking

Services of DPEX Courier Company

The worldwide business sector pioneer DPEX is as of now giving its administrations in taking after fragments of logistic and traditions:

  • International shipping (trades)
  • Domestic shipping
  • Heavyweight shipments
  • Imports
  • Custom freedom
  • Industry particular arrangements

DPEX sees needs of individual commercial ventures like Fashion and Apparel, Automotive, Engineering and Pharmaceuticals and gives best altered administration to suit the requirements.

How to track DPEX Courier Online

To track dispatches on the web, go to the official webpage of DPEX Courier. You will have the ability to Find Train Seat Availability. Fill Consignment Number and tap on Track get. In a blaze you get the status of your shipment. You can likewise check the status of your shipment by means of mail or SMS. Both these methodology are additionally simple and can be utilized much of the time.


Shipping through DPEX messenger is so prevalent because of numerous advantages got from its administrations. With DPEX Courier, you can plan timings of your pick-ups and conveyances. Ring them and book your pick-ups at your helpful time. Adjacent to get demands, host of other worth included administrations like general request and counsel, administration and duty data, giving evidence of conveyances and conveyance responsibilities can be profited with this messenger administration.

Happy Valentines Day Gift Guide

14th feb is known as a day of love, affection and romance. Love is not the subject of touch it is the subject of feel. To feel that love we here provide you the Valentines day 2017 Gift Guide to express your feelings towards your loved one. On valentines day some go for parties do candle light dinner to enjoy this occasion.

Exchanging a valentine day gift is also another good example of how much you love someone. Valentine gift guide will give you the guidance of what kind of gifts you will have to give on this auspicious day.

valentines day quotes 2015

Gift never measures love but the feelings expressed through that gift measured.

Rose is always been the sign of love and bunch of rose gifts will increase your love on this day. The smell and fragrance of the flowers will fragrant to your relations too. Bouquet of the perfect red roses is a lovely meaning of what they mean for you. It creates depth and intensity of love for your beloved one.

Birds are always been the sign of romance. Above mentioned birds kiss in hearts specially give the charm of love and affection with each other. This card elaborates a long lasting love and caring affection with eachother. Especially it is meant for a just married or a person dating with a girl or engaged could send these types of greeting card to their loved one. So send the romantic status in hindi to your personalized valentine.


Girls mostly like teddy bears so this special teddy bear gift mentioned here for your loved one. See the message over here I love you more than chocolate. Chocolate is the most loved edible food for everyone. Teddy expresses their feelings by showing this message I love you more than anything in the world.

Concerned to your feelings we have provided you the beautiful collections follow Mothers day card messages Guide for you to make your day more joyful and delighted. So get ready to pack these beautiful gifts for your beloved one and let them feel heavenly happiness ever they feel.

How to Check Axis Bank Credit Card Status Online

If you have applied for the Online Axis bank credit card status, you can verify the current status of Credit card here. You will be provided all the information regarding how to track the status as well as how to apply for credit card too.

Credit card is an important invisible credit that allows you to do shopping in malls, paying huge restaurant bills and other billing convenience. If you have currently enrolled the form for Axis bank credit card, you can check the current position of credit card online. Axis bank has utilized the online Axis bank portal to help the customers across the world. With this you can apply for credit card as well check the status in one finger click. First of all let you guide how to enroll for credit card and later on how to check the status of credit card status.


How to apply for credit card

· First of all go to

· All cards like debit card, credit card is highlighted

· Click on the credit card link

· Enter all the required details in the columns

· Now click to check your eligibility

· if you are an axis bank account holder, type your account no here

You will be provided one application id number will be useful in showing the status of axis bank credit card later on. Here are the details for how you can apply for the Axis bank credit card payment. Now let’s move on to the axis bank credit card status.

How to check axis bank card status

First click to this link

1) You need to type your application id no and mobile no

2) Submit the same details you entered in the application form of axis bank credit card

3) Your card status will be displayed on screen


You will be provided the details if the process is going on or they are lacking any information from your side. And if you want to know your status by phone you are also provided the toll free numbers.

1800 103 5577

1800 233 5577

1800 209 5577

+91 22 27648000

All above three numbers are toll free, and charged for the fourth one if you are calling from out of India. Axis bank customer care executive will give you the complete information about the status of your credit card. Check here to know about the online status of your credit card.

All these are true and faithful source to apply for axis bank credit card as well as to know the status of your credit card.

How to download Rounds Video Chat for Mac

Are you willing to receive a free update of the Rounds? Well over the years the spectacular app has been used a lot and indeed there has been quite a huge thing which has almost spread out to every part of the world. Indeed, there are quite a few numbers of people who calls it as one of the greatest things to go for, and the Rounds Video Calling Feature is a just beautiful setback for you to have. Indeed, the innovation of the Rounds Video Calling Feature Free Download APK has made life easier for quicker video calls and sharing messages. So what you need to do is to go online and then search for the perfect thing to go. But this is not just all and with the help of the beautiful Rounds Video Chat for Mac, you can even share and transfer files with your need and also download Cartoon hd app. However with video calls, you can even share voice messages and others. So what you need to do is just to do is to get over there and then go online.

download Rounds Video Chat for Mac

Step 1:

Are you interested in choosing good software to download? Well if you are then you need to choose a good platform to download the file also. Now there are many types of software which you can choose from but choosing the help of Bluestacks Android Emulator will give you the access to download the files properly as well as safe indeed. So what you have to do is to download it and then get started with downloading the file.

Step 2:

The next thing that you need to do is to download the file which can be easily done with the help of the emulator. What you have to do is to open the page and then get going with the archive by clicking on the Install option next to this.

Rounds Video Chat for Mac

Step 3:

To end it up, you now need to wait until the download is over. Though it may depend on the speed of your internet connection, the Download Prisma app will not take much time at all. What you need to do is to agree all the terms and conditions set up by the application to get it done better.

Tour de France route

Every day around the country people make business presentations and lots of of them are under wonderful. Some are downright awful. To put your presentations with a positive track, you should follow four basic keys.

1–Think of the speech or presentation from a audience’s perspective. Whether you’re actually talking to your boss, a small business colleage, viewers or a reporter, you’re prospects of success will always be greater when you think of one’s remarks using their company perspective. Ask yourself: What do they are fully aware about your subject? What do they should know? And, how can I actually tell them in a way that they’ll understand?


Supplementing the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid), it is usually helpful??– particularly when the subject is technical — to locate an analogy which will make the point. If regulations put your business at a competitive disadvantage, you could put Lance Armstrong around the starting line to the Tour de France. The other bicycle riders Tour de France route have a very clear road when in front of them. Lance is at a separate lane festooned with potholes along with obsticles. Fair? Of course not.
If you’re an engineer wanting to make the that, because of attenutation rates your organization needs to set up a network of antennas to guarantee quality cellular telephone service, you will make your point better should you compare the antenna system to sprinkling the lawn. You want to set your sprinklers in the pattern that has got the grass uniformly wet, without either gaps or saturation. Finding the best analogy to clarify your point might not be easy, but in the event you want your listeners or readers to truly understand, it’ll certainly be well worth the effort.

2-Look Them In The Eye. Eye contact plays a vital role in connecting you along with your audience. People are more inclined to pay attention if you make regular his full attention with them. If you’re looking about their heads, you may not see the nods of agreement that signal approval or perhaps the smiles of appreciation to get a joke well told.

3-Tame Your Butterflies. Every person I have ever spoken with on the topic??– in the first-timer on the experienced professional??– feels some nervousness if he or she “go public.” Here’s my 4-step process for taming your butterflies .
Step One: Stretch ‘Em Out Since we store up almost all of our tension inside shoulders and from the spinal column, start by standing up straight together with your feet spread comfortably apart. Now, pretend that you are holding an imaginary golf-club across the shoulders behind your neck. Rotate the shoulders as far as it is possible to one way and after that back additional, letting your face follow along. By doing this Tour de France live streaming three to four times, you are going to experience a sudden reduction in tension.

Step Two: Blow It Out Take inside a lung brimming with air, hold it a couple of seconds, and exhale forcefully, completely draining your lungs coming from all air. Repeat the inhale/exhale cycle repeatedly and notice the release of tension.

Step Three: Preview Success Now that you might be perfectly relaxed, breathe deeply and visualize success. Imagine someone who’s opinion you respect springing up to you after your speech or interview and saying, You can also check pan card details click here all information. I think took action now a great job.

The Three Step Process, which takes lower than two minutes to perform, can certainly produce a world of difference as part of your success at Taming Your Butterflies. So there you have it. If you think within your speech or presentation from your audience perspective, look them inside eye, and Tame your butterflies and you’ll be on the right path to giving dynamite presentations.

Know PAN card status 2016

Travelling by train possesses his own charm and glitz. Train journey offers safe, comfortable and economical voyage on the travelers. A journey by train walks you to unearth, explore the mysteries of India. Established in 1853 through the East India company Indian railways originates up as the greatest rail network of Asia enabling in excess of 20 million passengers to visit daily. It covers the whole length and breadth of the united states. Despite various reservation counters accessible in every part of India, Indian Railway Network introduced Pan card status this bold feature.
With the appearance of new technology called internet Indian railway reservation has really become convenient for your travellers. The best thing about this online service is that anybody can get rail reservation done sitting at homes prior to the computer. In fact the internet rail reservation provides with all the facilities that you will previously do while coming to the ticket counter. All this have already been possible with all the technological continuing development of Indian railways with due duration of time.

To benefit from the Indian Railways online rail reservation users need to go for the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd) website
( together with making bookings it’s possible to check the status of departing and arriving trains, train itineraries, ticket accessibility, postponing and cancelling railway bookings, make Tatkal reservations click here and Indian railway timetable amongst others.
Once your is created you may log in together with your ID and book tickets by filling in few traveling details. You just have to select your travel date, source and destination station name or code, class, ticket type and produce the payment by plastic card or a debit card. After your ticket is displayed on the screen you just need to take a use and take it along a name proof of UTI PAN card status (voter id, PAN card, Passport, ration card, driving license etc) on your journey.

Indian railways reservation system has facilitated the rail reservation so that booking tickets for travelling isn’t a more per night mare with the traveler. So if you are creating a vacation, business trip and other trip than no reason to worry about rail reservation as it isn’t a more a extraordinary task and may be quickly done through the comforts within your houses and also your ticket is simply one click away by you.
So come and stay a part of Indian railways and have its services.

Highest Enrollment in UP’s Higher Education Institutes. What’s Going On?

In our previous post, we just saw some awesome collections of friendship day messages but today’s post is a bit different. It’s completely based on the subject of UP higher education. According to the reports, there are total of 301.5 lakhs enrolments of students in higher education institutes in India which include 55.1 percent male and 44.9 percent female. In this, Uttar Pradesh is ranked at first position which is followed by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal. In Uttar Pradesh, there are 46.7 lakhs enrolments whereas in Tamil Nadu it is 32.1 lakhs, in Maharashtra enrolments in higher education are 30.8 lakhs, in Karnataka there are 18.6 enrolments and about 16.6 lakhs enrolments of students in higher educational institutes from West Bengal.

All these statistics are shown in the Annual Status of Higher Education of States and UTI in India 2015 (ASHE-2015) which was released by Conference of Indian Industries (CII) and Deloitte on December 2. According to them, the more than one-fourth of the total enrolments that is 28.9 pc are registered from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka taken together.

Deloitte which is a multinational professional services firm having headquarters in New York City, has presented the fourth such report in association with CII and MRHD. There are some latest policy developments in higher education sector which are highlighted by the report. Just like the feestdagen 2016 which are most probably related to the school holidays in Netherland. These developments are introduction of choice-based credit system (CBCS), scheme generated by government for the ranking institutions, role of higher education in mission ‘Smart City’ of government and role of state governments to improve the number of enrolments in higher education institutions.

In the reports, it is also mentioned that at the under-graduate level, the enrolments are done at the highest. It is 79.2 percent and at post-graduate level, there are 11.4 percent enrolments followed by 7.3 percent enrolments at diploma level. In the country, there are total of 667 universities and the highest share is contributed by the state public universities which are about 43.8 percent. You can refer 

Highest number of universities is in Uttar Pradesh. There are 59 universities here followed by Tamil Nadu which has 56 universities, then Rajasthan which has 47 universities, followed by Karnataka having 45 universities and then Maharashtra where 45 universities are there. And there are some good news too for all the UP people out there. This new year it’s going to be a real surprise for all the 12th pass candidates. So get ready to party hard and send your favorite wishes to your loved ones by visiting These states have the highest number of universities in India.

Read the original news from here.


How to Watch IPL 8 Live

Passion for the cricket tournament for cricket fans will never end in India. Just ICC World Cup 2015 completed and another is arriving on the way. IPL 8 is going to march on the ground on 8th April 2015. All who are addicted to the cricket tournaments could watch these thrilling ipl matches live online on Sony Six and Sony Max. if you are wondering to show live marches, you can download and watch all live scores, highlights and videos of this match.


IPL 8 Cricket Teams

Kolkata knight Riders

Chennai Super Kings

Delhi Daredevills

Kings Xl Punjab

Rajasthan Royals

Mumbai Indians

Sunrisers Hyederabad

Royal Challengers Bangalore

As previously this time also the teams would be same. Minor differences are there in the players during the auction of IPL 2015. Squad for the teams is selected and everyone is ready to see their hard-core performances on the cricket ground.


How to watch opening ceremony live

Opening ceremony of IPL 2015 is going to start on 5th of April 2015 at 3.00 PM on Sony Six and Sony Max. all are requested to see the eye-popping performances of celebrities live. Unlike previously this time it is going to conduct on India. If you want to see live performances on ground you can buy tickets online with the official site of IPL 2015. You can also download it from IPL site. So get ready to see click here the live performances of the stunning actions top players across the world selected. First match would be start in between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians. It’s going to be a tough fight for both of the teams. First Match will be playing on Eden Garden Kolkata, so it is mandatory for the KKR to win this match in the home town. No wonder Mumbai Indians is also a hard team for the KKR to defeat.

So get ready to see all heart throbbing live actions of the top cricketers in this IPL 8 2015.


The VTU has announced the Academic Calendar for Even Semester 2014-2015 vide Notification no. 9452 dated 5th December 2014.

The Academic Calendar for the Even Semester 2014-2015 (February 2015 to July 015) has been declared by VTU Results – Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum on its official website.


For your ready reference, we give below the courses commencing from 2nd Feb. 2015:-

Course Date of Commencement of Even Semesters Last working date of Even Semesters
B.E – II, IV, VI & VIII Semesters 02.02.2015 23.05.2015
B.Tech – II, IV, VI & VIII Semester 02.02.2015 23.05.2015
B.Arch –II, IV, VI, VIII and X Semester 02.02.2015 23.05.2015
MCA – II, IV, VI Semesters 02.02.2015 23.05.2015
MBA – II Semester 02.02.2015 23.05.2015
MBA – IV Semester 16.02.2015 06.06.2015
M.Tech – II semester 02.02.2015 23.05.2015
M.Tech – IV Semester 26.12.2014 11.04.2015
M.Arch – II and IV Semester 02.02.2015 06.06.2015


The dates of Practical Exams, Theory Exams and Viva are also declared. The Practical Exams will be conducted during End of May 2015 i.e. 25 and 26 May 2015. You can download VTU result. The Theory exams are to be conducted during first half of June 2015 i.e. on 1st June 2015 and 10th June 2015.

vtu results

The University has also announced that further Odd Semester will start from 3rd of August 2015.

You can download the complete Academic Calendar for Even Semester – Feb. 2015 – July 2015 in a PDF Format from this link :-

IIT GATE Exams 2015

IIT GATE Exams for year 2015 were conducted during January-February 2015 all over India through extensive network of GATE examination centers. On 31st of January 2015, GATE exam was conducted for various engineering branches like Architecture, Biotech, Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Gate 2015 Result Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering etc.

GATE 2015

About GATE

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering and is popularly known as GATE. This is one of the most prestigious exams of the country. It is known to be a tough exam and is conducted to check the performance level of students who are aspiring for studies in IITs of India. India has seven zonal IITs across the country. GATE examinations are jointly conducted by all the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology). The seven IITs of India are located at Mumbai, Guwahati, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Chennai and Roorkee. These IITs conduct GATE exam in their own zone through various examination centers selected in their vicinity. This is an all India examination and it tests the aptitude of candidates for engineering and science. These IITs conduct the GATE exam under the supervision or National Coordination Board for GATE which is directly governed by Ministry of Human Resources Development of India.

Graduated candidates appear for GATE exams to seek admissions in the top IITs to pursue master degrees in engineering and technology as well as doctorate degrees. Moreover GATE exams are also important because students who get through these exams get scholarships or financial assistance from government while pursuing studies. Passers of GATE can get financial assistance from government only after getting admission to the programs in the institutes.


This year the central organizer of the GATE exam was IIT Kanpur. GATE is also considered by some public sectors like ONGC as criteria to recruit entry level engineers in the organization. They often recruit the GATE passers as trainees in the organization. Beside ONGC, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), National Thermal Power Corporation of India also take into account the GATE scores check result while recruiting first entry level engineers and for other positions in their organization.

GATE has earned a name as one of the toughest exam of the Country. Few countries like Singapore also consider GATE scores valid for admissions to the students. We are sure you liked our post on GATE exams 2015. Stay with us to get latest updates on GATE result as well. Leave yoru comments in the comment section below.