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Awesome Top Collections of Happy Friendship Day 2018 Messages

Happy Friendship Day Messages

Friendship day is now not much far and everyone surely searching for the friendship Messages like Hindi funny status to share with their best ever friends. Come let’s celebrate this day with our top collections of Friendship Messages. In which we have elaborated all your inner feelings of friendship in the short words. You can easily copy it and send it to your best friend to refresh your friendship. Here are the friendship messages collections, you can choose any.

Friendship Day 2018 Messages

Feelings are pictures never spoil it

Face is your life’s book try to read it

Love is a sacrifice get ready for it

Friendship is a mirror never break it

Otherwise you will never get back to it

Happy friends Day 2018

Condolence Messages 2018


Friendship can convert into love

But love cannot be converted in friendship

Wish you a lovely Friendship day 2018


Words start with ABCD

Numbers starts with 1234

Friendship begins with

You and me especially

Happy best Friends Day 2018


There are many people surrounds

Some may be important

In some of them few are the important once

And of those few people

Someone might be special

That special person is you

My sweetest friend

Happy Friendship Day 2018


My heart is like a book

You can anytime open it and read it

Never judge me from the out layer cover

Read in the book

And see my feelings described in

You are specially my true friend forever

Wish you a very touchy friends day 2018


I will never walk besides you

I will walk behind you

To catch you when you fall

Wishing you all a very loving friends day 2018


Every day I go and meet many persons

I feel that no one is like you

My life will surely get bored

If I will not find friend like you

Happy Friendship Day 2018

These are the heartfelt messages of Mothers day 2016 . I am sure you gonna love it and share it with your mother. Never hide your emotions, emotions are meant to express and we have given you the words. You just need to select and send to your heartiest friends. So go for it, have a awesome Friendly Day.

Tips for Ramazan 2017

The holy month of Ramazan is about to start. Ramazan month is the month of fasting and refrain from immoral thoughts and activities. It is the month of doing good things. I am sure you would be looking for tips for Ramazan 2017, if so you are on right page. . In this article we have provided you tips for Ramazan 2017, that will help you to follow the month and do good things. These tips for Ramazan 2014, will work as a guide book and help you to enjoy the fasting month and do good things.

During the Ramazan you Muslims are not allowed to drink, eat, smoke, use abusive language, and have to refrain from sex. Every adult Muslim has to follow these rules during the fasting hours that is from dawn to dusk. Pregnant women’s, breast feeding women’s, children’s, sick people and females in menses are exempted from fasting. If you start following the tips for mothers day qoutes, then you will not find any difficulty in following the Ramazan month.


Tips for Ramazan 2014

If you are a TV Freak then start cutting down on watching TV time and give more time to reading Quran.

Avoid reading or looking at unlawful pictures. If you have magazine subscriptions then try to avoid using such magazine.

If you are a movie fan then try to stay away from movies and rather start going to Masajid and attend different prayers, as during the month you are required to recite more Quran.

Abstain from consuming excessively. Consume just when you are extremely hungry and make an effort not to fill your stomach totally.

If you love to drink more of Coffee, Tea or Soda, make sure you reduce consumption.

If you smoke then start cutting down on smoking from now, as during the fasting hours you are not allowed to smoke, so try to quit smoking.

I am sure you would be listing music a lot, if so try cutting down on the time spent on listening music and replace that time with reading Quran.

If you love playing cards or any other games, then start avoiding such games, and utilize that time for good things.


If you love to go out with friends for party or picnic, start avoiding it from now, otherwise Ramazan month will be difficult month for you.

If you have friends who do not stick to the guidelines of Islam, then start avoiding such friends. Ramazan month is the holy month and need to follow it strictly.

If you travel a lot because of your business, then try to do local business, so you can spend more time with your family and your local community.

I am sure these tips of hindi best status will prepare you for the fasting month which will start soon. The estimated start of the holy month is 28th June 2014, actual start of the month depends on the sighting of the new crescent moon. We would advise you to start following these tips for Ramazan 2014 from now, so that you will not find it difficult to follow the guideline of Ramazan.

When is Ramadan in 2017

According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month if the calendar. Muslims also believed that during this month the Quran was publicized. So we can say that Quran was revealed in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and that is why Ramadan is celebrated in this month. This is the holy month for the Muslims and the very prestigious and religious month for the people who believe in Islam. People of who follow Islam celebrate  this month by fasting as it is considered to be the five pillars of Islam.


The religious sentiments of the people are attached with this festival. People who keep fast during this month believe that something good will happen with them. Usually during the daylight hours from morning till sunset people keep fast. They do not drink or et during this time. There is a strong belief of the Muslim people that during this particular month the Quran was sent to the lowest heaven. At this time it was being prepared steady surprise by Jibraeel to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. It is also believed that Prophet Muhammad told his followers that heaven will be open for every month and hell will be closed.


Also the starting date of the next month is celebrated as the Eid ul- Fitr or the festival of breaking fast. This day is also known as Shawwal for the Muslims. Every year according to the Islamic calendar this Ramadan month is celebrated in the ninth month of the calendar. So in this year 2014, Ramadan will be celebrated most probably on 28 June, 2014 and will last till 27 July, 2014 for complete 30 days. During this whole month the people of Islamic regions will keep a fast as a symbol of religious sentiments.

In the North America, the Ramadan will be celebrated one day later on 29 June,2014. As according to the Islamic calendars the holiday is observed on the sunset of the previous day so because of this the Muslims will celebrate Ramadan on the sunset of 27 June, 2014. Basically the month of  mothers day best wishes will vary from country to country because of the sight of the moon in that particular country. But it will not vary much as it will happen a day earlier or later only. The moon also plays a big role in the month of the Ramadan .

Cute Ramadan Wishes

Send these cute Ramadan wishes to your friends, family and loved ones. Make them feel the pleasure of receiving these messages for Ramadan Kareem greetings and mothers day sayings. Inspire them with these heartwarming messages mentioned below:



Ramadan is the month of Allah,

Ramadan is the month of Quran,

Ramadan is the month of learning the principles,

In the religion of Islam.

May you find the guidance and blessings of the Almighty,

Ramadan Mubarak


May the Almighty,

Bless you and your family,

With Happiness, joy and peace.

Ramadan Mubarak.


Let this Ramadan,

Bring you peace, wisdom and prosperity,

Wash away your sins,

Strive to be a good person

Have a Blessed Ramadan.


May this Ramadan be a fruitful one for you,

May it bring all the joy, prosperity and good health.

As you recite the holy Quran.

Celebrate this month of Ramadan,

Like never before.

Ask Allah, for forgiveness and wisdom more and more.

Wishing you a Happy Ramadan.


May this month of fasting,

Teach you all good things,

Be good, do good and see good,

And receive abundant blessings.

Wishing you a happy Ramadan Kareem.


Place your troubles and fears in the Almighty,

Seek his forgiveness and pray for blessings.

May your home be blessed with happiness, peace and prosperity,

Now and always.


May Allah shower his blessings on you now and always,

May this season, make you be a good human,

Now and forever.

Happy Ramadan.


In this holy month of the Quran,

Praise the Almighty night and day,

To be a good person,

To him, you should pray.

Ask him for forgiveness

Wish you a happy Ramadan.

May this month of fasting,

Be fruitful to you and your family,

May the almighty bless you and give you the strength,

To continue being a good person now and always.

Wish you a Happy Ramadan.


May Allah bless your homes

With his abundant love

And give you peace and joy,

While you recite the holy Quran.

Happy Ramadan


May you be blessed,

Now and always.

Earn to forgive and become a new person,

Refrain from all that is bad.

Happy Ramadan.

These were a collection of cute Ramadan wishes, more information visit this blog, which you can make your pick from. Send it to your closest friend or family member and motivate them for this auspicious month.



Merry Chistmas Quotes

Merry Christmas is a wish greeted on Christmas to our loved ones from the bottom of the Heart. Christmas is a season of joy and cheer. Christmas is an occasion to be celebrated every year as the birthday of the Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated on 25th December in every single part of the world. People decorate their houses with beautiful glittery lights making the atmosphere of Christmas more beautiful and making brighter the spirit of Christmas Season. Kids along with their friends decorate the Christmas trees adding decorative items to it. Wonderful Christmas Cribs including the nativity sets can also be seen in most of the houses during the Holiday season.


Best Christmas quotes:

“Christmas should be in hearts not under the mistletoe.”

“Every year on this beautiful event, we enjoy with love, belief and togetherness. I thank God for blessing me with such a loving family. I wish you all a Merry Christmas 2014 & a very happy New Year 2015.”

“I wish Santa Claus brings you the present of eternal cheerfulness & bliss this Christmas 2014! May you and your family be sacred bountifully. Merry Christmas to you and a Prosperous New Year to your family!”


“In this Christmas 2014,

As the bright golden sun shines let your expectations be brighter

May all your dreams come true,

Let you get the strength to achieve all the goals,

At night when moon peeps put silently may God bless you with joy, peace and love.

Merry Christmas”




“Christmas 2014, try to give smile to everyone follow this page. Forget the past, forgive the enemies, express your love and spread the word of God in the form joy, peace and harmony. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015! Make it a special one this year 2014!”



Creative Rangoli Designs

India is known as a colorful country, whether it may be the culture, food, clothes or anything. Colors are very essential part of anyone’s life. And on any celebration, the colors are used in the different forms. The colorful designs on the doorsteps in the entrance over the floor are an essential part of the Indian culture to be followed on any fortunate occasion or the festival celebration.

Rangoli can be observed in India created by the Hindus on any auspicious occasion or day. Rangoli patterns ideas basically is a design created on the floor with the help of the powdered colors or with the use of any colorful objects like various colored grains, pulses, spices, flower petals etc. People outline a desired sketch and fill the colors in between those outlines. This is the symbol of welcoming gesture and happiness in India.

Landscape Rangoli Image

Rangoli designs can be formed by some simple creations or any creative design. One can draw any design to form the rangoli. The designs of geometrical shapes, symbols of the deities or any greeting text related to the occasion, the floral designs are the most popular ones. This has been a part of Indian since ancient times. People in India form these designs, mainly near the entrance areas or near the doorways on any auspicious occasion or festival, as happiness doesn’t need a reason to celebrate.

Creativity is boundless. Be creative and form the endless varieties of designs with rangoli. The dotted creations of the rangoli are very famous. The numbers of dots are formed in the sequence of rows and columns or even the scattered ones. Then they are joined by making the lines passing through them. Many designs having various forms of lines, patterns can be made.


Be creative on to portrait the various symbols or the emblems of the occasion you are creating a rangoli for. For example, the festival of Diwali, then various designs of fireworks, lights and diyas can be forms and even the textual wishing of ‘Happy Diwali’ or ‘Happy New Year’ can added. On each and every function, a different and creative design can be drafted.

The word ‘Rangoli’ means ‘a colorful design’. Colors are the inevitable part of any celebration, in some or the other way. Spread the feeling of festival and joy by crafting wonderful designs. Innumerable patterns are available in the designs of rangoli. Pick one and adore your home with radiant colors.

History Of Deepavali 2014

Deepavali is the biggest and brightest festival of all Hindu festivals. Deepavali is one of the lavishly and most celebrated festivals in India that is marked by lights and fireworks everywhere. People share sweets and gifts in this day and also exchange warm greetings to express their love and gratitude to their close dear ones. The festival epitomizes splendor and mirth with the lightning of diyas and lanterns and bursting of crackers that shun the darkness around and makes way for dawning of success and prosperity. The festival of deepavali 2014 has certain history and significance that should be known by each and every Indian.

Diya Quotes image

The festival has certain historical and spiritual significance and people worship Goddess Lakshmi on the auspicious day. We hereby flourish you with the history and significance of Deepavali or Deepavali.

History of Deepavali Festival:

History of Deepavali festival was tracked back from the ancient India at that time it is celebrated as an important harvest festival. Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit word “Deepavali” means “Rows of Lamps”. Deepavali (Divali, Dipawali, Deepavali, Dipabali) is a very ancient festival of physical and spiritual light celebrated on 15th day “New Moon Day” of the Hindu month of Kartika. The Padma Purana & Skanda Purana has mentioned the significance of Deepavali as a festival of lights and therefore lamps and diyas are lightened during this festival. The history and significance (spiritual) of Deepavali has different stories in different religions. In Hinduism, it mainly honors the return of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshmana from their exile according to the epic Ramayana. It also marks the historical significance of the victory of Lord Rama over demon king Ravana. Some Hindus celebrate the return of pandavas from their 12 years of exile and 1 year of agyatavas according to the epic Mahabharata. Thus the history of Deepavali is very interesting one.


Based on the history and significance of the festival of Deepavali people worship different deities according to their religion. In West Bengal goddess Kali is deified and the festival is celebrated as Kali Puja. In north central region, Lord Krishna is worshipped while in some parts offerings are paid to Lord Ganesha. In Jainism Lord Mahavira is worshipped while Sikhs celebrate this festival as Bandi Choorh Divas as it marks the day when Guru Har Gobind Ji freed Hindu rulers and himself from Gwalior fort and from the prison of Mughal emperor Jahangir and arrived at the sacred Golden temple of Amritsar. In all these religion the significance of greetings for Diwali is different and all these people celebrates Deepavali according to the history.

Well this is the History of the festival of the light Diwali. We as a Indian must aware about the history and significance of the biggest festival of India. Hopefully, you like my article on significance of the festival of Diwali. For any suggestion or comment write in a section below:


Islamic calendar 2017

Islamic calendar is the kind of normal calendar which gives you all the dates of the Islamic festivals. This keeps all the Muslim people well aware and updated with all the festivals of Islam. There can be slight changes to these dates as they are determined by the lunar ramadan calendar. Prophet Muhammad founded Islam in the 7th century. Till date this religion has become the second largest religion of the world as it is followed by the 1.2 billion people all over the world. Quran is also the holy book of Islam which was founded by the Prophet Muhammad.


Islam is the Arabic word which means submission. According to the Muslims and their belief Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger from the God. There is one goal in every Muslim’s life and that is to please the God or the Allah for their better life and enlightment. There are five pillars of Islam and these are categorized as Salah, Zakah, Shahdaha, Hajj and Sawm. These five pillars have different meanings like Salah means prayer and they believe that praying five times a day. Zakah means donate and every Muslim has to donate some fixed proportion of their saving to help some poor or for some good cause. Shahdah means faith and they believe that there is no god except their Allah and the Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger from the God. Hajj means pilgrimage and they believe that for at least once in a year every Muslim should make pilgrimage at Mecca if it is affordable to them. Sawm means fasting and they believe that they should keep fast during the month of Ramadan. That is why Ramadan is known as one of the pillars of the Islam.


In 2014 the Islamic Calendar will have certain holidays from January to November. The month of Ramadan will be celebrated on June 28, 2014 and will last till July 27, 2014. Just after this day that is on July 28, Eid-al-Fitr will be celebrated that will mark the end of Ramadan month,if you get more information visit . After this Waqf-al-Arafa also known as hajj will begin on October 3,2014 followed by Eid-al-Adha on October 4. Therefore many other festivals are followed in this year that marks the Islamic calendar. For any further details and information regarding the Islamic calendar you can check out the link below. To keep yourself updated with all the Islamic festivals you can check the link below.