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Download Du Recorder Apk

Du Recorder Apk

Du Recorder is free, stable, high-quality screen recorder for an android device that helps you record smooth and clear screen video. The best part is that once you have recorded video you can also edit it using the editing tool that’s been included in the app the another app which provides some similar feature is ADV Screen Recorder. Let see the advantages and features in brief below.

DU Recorder

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Features: Du Recorder Apk

  • Screen Recording: With this screen recorder, you can easily record popular mobile game videos, you can record video calls with family and friends and also use for Video call Primo App for Android. Du recorder is designed with the following features:
  • Pause/resume screen recording.
  • Enable front camera.
  • Record external sound.
  • Many resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available.
  • Display clicks operation in the screen recording.
  • Shake the device to stop recording.
  • Video Editor: Du recorder has lots of video editing functions that can help you create better video. You can easily make the following video editing operation with the screen recording:
  • Combine multiple videos in one.
  • Add background music to video.
  • Trim video/ Remove the middle part of the video.
  • Change speed of the video.
  • Add subtitle to video.
  • Rotate video and crop video.
  • Convert video to GIF.
  • Screenshot and video Editing: Du Recorder is not only a screen recorder for video but also an app to capture screenshot and edit images.
  • Floating windows to take a one click screen shot.
  • Keep only the part of the images you want.
  • Smartly combine multiple images in one.
  • Keep only the part of the images you want.
  • Check and share Video:
  • Easily check recorded video via floating window and notification bar.
  • Share your video and screen shot to video sites and social sites. Share your recorded video with friends!
  • Modify video title on local video page for better management.

Installation steps for Du Recorder

  1. You should press the setting icon on the device and then search for security setting.
  2. On pressing security setting there is so many options are open.
  3. Then press on Unknown Source option. Now enable it and you are now able to download and install Du Recorder Apk without getting any kind of error.
  4. Now you could to download APK file.
  5. Being a lite application, the downloading process would be finished in just a few minutes.
  6. After downloading of the Du Recorder Apk press on Du Recorder.apk file from your phone.
  7. Then the install button should be press. The installation process takes few second for completing the installation process.


Du Recorder is the powerful video recording app that registers everything and anything’s that you can do everything in your Smartphone. If the user wants to record some important information then this user to user and application has good features so must try at once don’t wait for the download and take the experience of the good application.



Despicable Me Minion Rush MOD APK for Android

The more you play the more you get fun in playing Despicable Me game. It has a hundred times better features and upgraded technology to win the race. Despicable Me Minion Rush MOD APK link is given for direct downloads in the android devices. It brings the exciting game play for android devices. It has a very interesting character called “GRU” which helps you to collect banana and increase your score in score boards through passing to various obstacles. It has an entertaining game play which addicts the player to keep on fighting and winning the game. On the other hand unmatched sound quality and high definition graphics gives real time experience of playing game.


Despicable Me Minion Rush MOD APK Features

  • Best arcade runner game enhanced for Android devices.
  • Minions are dressed with unique costumes and weapons.
  • Banana and Gru character coins can be unlocked in the snaptube apk with data files.
  • For its upgraded version and its high quality features this game is become more popular in the gaming world.
  • This game is downloaded over 500 million times which is high score board in the play store.
  • The best game entertains from start to finish.
  • Excellent power ups to kill the enemies.
  • Despicable Me Minion Rush MOD APK for Android is absolutely free.
  • New twists, New adventure with fresh contents adds more fun to game play.
  • It has different objects, funny themes and unique style to entertain the player.
  • Interface is user friendly that smoothly works in every operating system.

Despicable Me Minion Rush MOD APK for Android

The direct link of APK is available here to download Despicable Me Minion Rush MOD APK with data file.

  • First of all install APK file
  • Just open it don’t install it
  • Download data files directly from game and start playing it.

For the game addicts this is the best and interesting game. If you are getting bored from the same running games, SCR PRO Apk Download for Android is the best option, download it now.

How to Play Bridge

Bridge one of the most popular card game played with all the cards of spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. The bridge card game is played in partnership and the partners try to defeat the opponent partners during the game. At the end of the game, the team which scores most points is declared winner. The bridge game is also popular among kids as it offers a good fun time plus a chance of polishing calculation skills. The rules of bridge involves passing, bidding, and bidding a suit. We have shown here how to play bridge in your leisure hours.

Rules of Bridge

Check out the rules of bridge card game to play it with greater efficiency. Scrabble rules, winning and scores are given here:

Ranking of the cards in bridge game is as usual with the Ace ranking the highest. The King, Queen, Jack follows. All other cards are ranked according to their numbers.

Rules For Bridge

· The Deal

The dealer player distributes 13 cards to each player with face down position starting from the left.

· The Main Objective of the Game

Each team tries to score points by bidding and defeating the opponent team’s bid. The team with highest scores wins.

· What is Bidding and Passing in the Bridge

After the cards are dealt to the each player, a hand is picked up and a call is made. When a player is not bidding, he declares “Pass.” If everyone declares a pass, a new hand is dealt.

Playing Bridge

The card is taken and placed on the table with face up. One by one, players plays their cards and a trick is constituted. The one who plays highest card, wins the trick. If a player is unable to follow his suit, he may play any card. If the player has a card which can follow suit, he cannot play any other card. Euchre card game is also popular in kids.

Playing Bridge

A trick which contains a trump card is won by the player who has played the highest valued trump card. A trick which does not contain a trump card is won by the player who has played the highest card of the suit led first.

Follow our blog to learn huge number of card games, board games, and dice games. Indoor games are also a great way to kill your leisure hours. A lots of card games are popular among kids and adults. Some of the most popular card games are bridge, spades, crazy 8 rules, and phase 10.

Android: The Best Mobile Operating System

There were days when our favorite devices like smartphones and tablets were stuck with the age-old hardware and software. Android was at its infancy and so were the processors powering them. It was a time where smartphones were not that fast and offered sow and sluggish performance. The smartphones and tablets used to lag a lot and frequent crashes were a regular scene.

Users spent their much hard earned money on top-notch smartphones but were not getting the desired and satisfactory performance. The conditions of those owning a lower budget smartphone were even more pathetic and unspeakable. The phones used to come heavily bloated i.e. manufacturer marred the phone with tons of bloatware and non-essential apps which drained battery and made the performance suffer.


For those users rooting came as a boon in disguise. Rooting their phones and extracting the much-needed performance became a norm among android users. Rooting allowed those users stuck with phones with sluggish performance to give a boost to their phones by over clocking the processor. Most of the users started rooting their phones and getting rid of the manufacturer installed battery drainage apps and customizations.

Those users started getting all the freedom and flexibility and the faster performance from their beloved smartphones that they dreamed off. But that performance came at a higher price. The rooted phones were much exposed to security risks like leakage and theft of their sensitive and confidential information stored on the smartphones. The warranty included with the smartphones became void and in case of a damage they could not claim warranty. In short rooting became popular but it has its fair share of merits and demerits. Who want to get freedom and flexibility at the cost of security threats and who wanted a slight increase in performance at the cost of warranty becoming void.

But those were the days of past. with the advent of technology the android operating system was overhauled completely both in terms of design and performance with developers working round the clock to improve the overall user experience all with the aim of getting a wider consumer base and make android a more enjoyable experience. Nowadays manufactures are launching smartphones and tablets with high-end hardware. With faster processor chips and tons of ram included nowadays users get the desirable performance.


With high-end processors clocking up to 2-3 GHz, users do not need to overclock their cpus. With loads of ram included in the smartphones and tablets, the advanced users are getting blazing fast and seamless and stunning multitasking capabilities. Manufactures are including all the customizations and modifications a user can ask for. With days smartphones are going to be less bloated and all that useless apps that drain the battery and eat the precious ram are not included anymore. And if they are there are many apps available that work without root and have to capability to hibernate these apps.

Apart from these, some manufacturers are offering the custom roms that many users crave for as system firmware like Cyanogen Mod that comes pre-installed on the beloved and anticipated smartphones. With days the need for rooting the device is decreasing as new and innovated features are offered to the users by the manufacturers.

Some manufacturers have started to provide the smartphones with unlocked bootloaders that means the smartphone is already rooted before it is available for sale with warranty inclusive. It means that you can avail all the features of rooting without having to worry about warranty. But the number of these brands is almost negligible to those who do not offer these features.

Australia vs England a second match to play at world cup 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is the biggest cricket tournament to be played on 14 feb 2015. Peole are eagerly awaited to see the cricket tournament 2015. Now no longer to wait it is knocking on the TV soon. Star Sports is the channel partner of the world cup 2015 to broad cast it live cricket matches on TV. You can also watch live cricket, scores and highlights by installing on your phone. If you are eager and want to see the concrete efforts of the players world cup 2015 will accomplish your Task.

The second series of match in the world cup is scheduled on Saturday 14th feb 2015 at Melborne Cricket Ground, Melbourne 3:30 p.m. This match is to be played between the two toughest teams Australia and England. Players are scrutinized and selected through their previous performances and health fitness test.


Australian team players

Michael Clarke, Pat Cummins, James Faulkner, Brad Haddin, Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Starc, Shane Watson, George Bailey, Xavier Doherty, Aron Finch, Josn Hazlewood, Mitchell Marsh, Steven Smith, David Warner

 England Team Players

Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Gary Balance, Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Staurt Broad, Jos Buttler, Steven Finn, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, Eoin Morgan, Joe Root, James Taylor, James tredwell, Chris Wokes.


These are Australlian players and England team players to be perform in the match at Melbourne cricket ground, Melbourne. Both the teams are prepared to see their ability of giving their hard efforts to win the match. Both team players are arranged in accordance with the need of the match through the examination of players.

Both teams are practicing now to show their performance on the second match of cricket match online world cup 2015. The teams are ready to show their bowling and bating experience through this match. So get ready to see the efforts done by them.


It has been more than a decade since grand theft games have gained its publicity. The main reason for its success is that these are open games and these include large number of missions and objectives. The usp of this game includes the story line in which you play the game as an ultimate bad guy who will become even worst at the end of the game. This game also includes many predecessors however GTA vice city is considered best among all.

GTA vice city was developed by rock star games. There are many versions of the game that you may find. These versions are available for different platforms like psp, ps2, ps3. One of recently launched game is GTA which is quite awesome due is its amazing graphics. You can also try similar game like Asphalt 8 game on PC. Although, the most popular game of theft series remains to be GTA San Andrea’s .GTA vice city is available for all gaming platforms including your Pc. You can easily download it for your pc. But before you run this game of the pc, you need to know some basic requirements that allow you to run this game on your pc.


Minimum system requirements- there are some requirements which you need to know to run this game on your pc.

1. Processor clocked at least 2 GHz.

2. For proper operating this game minimum of 512 ram is required. But make sure that you have 1 GB   ram to run this game properly.

3. A minimum of 900 mb of space on your device is required for installation.

4. Internal gpu with minimum of 64 mB graphic memory.

5. Direct X9.0 c and also various supporting peripheral like mouse, keyboard etc.

GTA Vice City

Well, if you have played the previous versions of vice city. You may find vice city easier than before. You can also experience better effects that you haven’t seen before by so called cheat codes in the game. These cheat codes make the game interesting as hell. If you are short hand and you know when and where to apply the cheat codes exactly in the game, you can become the god of the game and can enjoy the game like hell. These cheats can be simple as cheat of increasing health and can be complex and interning as that spawning a tank.

When we talk about graphics, the graphics of the game are awesome. The game is also active in nature as we can move and roam almost everywhere follow this page, we can run along the streets. We can drive cycle; car, bike and can even fly in an airplane. Another interesting thing that is offered in the game is the interaction with pedestrians’ .Though all of them react in the same way while doing actions. You can also snatch and high jack every possible vehicle on the road from bicycle to bike and from car to an aero plane. However you many find difficult to handle the controls as they are widely spread over the keyboard.

So if you are excited, you can download this awesome game and enjoy its features.


After the huge success of IPL 2014 and its previous seasons, the association of CLT20 is expecting the 6th edition of CLT20 to be a massive hit. The association and the committee members want to achieve their goal of making this year CLT20 a successful league by hook or by crook. What makes this year CLT20 more excited is it different teams and the prize money i.e. $2.5 to the winning team, making a total sum of US $6 million. There will be many heart throbbing and nerve wrecking matches in this year’s CLT20, as total 12 teams, featuring some of the famous IPL cricket stars watch clt20 live, will be seen clashing for the title of CLT20 winner. The league will set fire to the ground from 13th September and will end with the final on 4th October.



CLT20 will be featuring a qualifying stage and a group stage. The FOUR teams that will be facing each other for the qualifying stages are MUMBAI INDIANS, LAHORE LIONS, SOUTHERN EXPRESS and NORTHERN KNIGHTS, while the teams selected for group stages are:

  1. Kings XI Punjab (Runners-up of IPL 2014)
  2. Kolkata Knight Riders (Winners of IPL 2014)
  3. Chennai Super Kings (stood 3rd in IPL2014)
  4. Barbados Tridents ( Winners of Cricket Board 2014 Caribbean Premier League)
  5. Cape Cobras (Runners-up of South Africa 2013–14 Ram Slam T20 Challenge)
  6. Perth Scorchers (winners of Australia 2013–14 Big Bash League)
  7. Hobart Hurricanes(Runners-up of Australia 2013–14 Big Bash League)
  8. Dolphins (Winners of South Africa 2013–14 Ram Slam T20 Challenge)

 Venue for Matches:

There are total four stadium selected for the matches to be played in this year’s league. The venues champions league t20 schedule for the matches of CLT20 2014 are Bengaluru, Mohali, Hyderabad and Raipur. Raipur is the venue selected for the qualifying matches starting from 13th September to 16th September. The semi final are to be played on 2nd October at RAJIV GANDHI CRICKET STADIUM, HYDERABAD. The M.CHINNASWAMY STADIUM, BENGULURU is decided as the venue for the finals of CLT20 2014. It is the same stadium where IPL 2014 final was held.

CLT20 tournament will have 6 qualifiers matches; total 29 matches will be played. The first qualifying match is on 17th September at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Hyderabad and is expected to be a heart throbbing one with a nail biting finish.

Online Live Streaming:

Visit the official website of CLT20 2014 for further details and videos. You can also watch the live action of all matches of the league.

Viewers can also visit the website of official broadcaster, star sports for live streaming of CLT20 matches.

We all expect to have a great season of cricket T20. We hope to see some great actions and performance during this year CLT20 as we have seen in IPL 2014.