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Tips to follow while buying a used car


Buying a car is a dream for millions of people all around the world. But for a middle-class family, owning a car is not at all an easy task, as it demands a huge sum as initial investment. Purchasing a used car is one of the best way by which you can buy your dream vehicle without creating negative impacts on your bank balance. There are many sellers who sell used car in Mumbai  under 5 lakh, and it will surely give you impeccable quality just like a fresh one.

While buying a used car, you should be very careful, and should always make sure that you are purchasing the right one which will provide you a profitable deal. Scroll down to read some effective tips which will help you in selecting the best used vehicle.

Used car in mumbai

Things to consider before buying a used vehicle

  • Think about the brand, model and year of manufacture: These three factors play their crucial role in determining the price of any car. You should always make sure that the car which you are buying had tasted success in the market. If you are purchasing a less popular car, then the future maintenance will turn out to be really hectic, as obtaining various parts will be a very difficult deal. It is also very much necessary to consider the model and year of manufacture. To obtain the best results, you can also avail the help of an auto consultant.
  • Consider the overall looks: Before saying yes to the seller, you should closely check the exterior and interior conditions of the vehicle. If there are wears and tears, you can negotiate for the price, and sometimes, you will get some reductions. The interior should be neat, and should give a fresh appeal to you.
  • Check the mechanical conditions and mileage: This is the most crucial tip which you should follow while looking for a used car. You should make sure that the engine is perfect, and it should be void of any complaints. It is also recommended to check the mileage and fuel efficiency of the vehicle before giving a positive nod to the seller. Also, check the condition of tyres before making the purchase.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you to choose the right vehicle which will make your journey heavenly in the coming years.  Apart from these awesome tips, you should also check whether the insurance of the vehicle has been properly paid to avoid future issues.


pan card status online Check

Hand scan recognition time clocks have been in existence for nearly two decades. To use a hand scan wall timepiece or access control terminal an individual enters their ID and places their right hand around the platen (a toned reflective surface with guide posts which lie between the users fingers) as well as the hand scan unit will begin to perform a match against a registered template and permit access or log attendance.

Hand scan technology relies on a camera as well as a series of mirrors to construct a three dimensional picture of a gamers hand. Using this image the processor in the wall timepiece measures certain hand geometry like the length and proportion of each one finger so it converts into an algorithm. This mathematical representation on the hand is trapped in a template and is also used when matching the consumer during subsequent logging events.


The algorithm is adjusted periodically and due to this feature it compensates for changes from the size of a persons hand over some time so, if the person gains or loses weight the unit compensates. Interestingly the device does depend on the person having a right hand without having fingers missing. Having said that, pan card status online testing from my associates has revealed that a left hand turned ugly will work correctly.

Hand scan terminals are a recognised technology but you are not trusted in either a serious amounts of attendance or access control applications.Hand Scan technology will not be impacted by scratches or cuts or scars within the users hands nor can it be effected by dirty hands although dirt accumulating within the mirrors or platen will ultimately cause misreads. This makes the hand scan an extremely sufficient biometric device.

Given likely actually more reliable than most on the other alternatives it can be surprising they have not been more widely accepted. One possible explanation is they are more expensive than most fingerprint readers and the’ve no embedded software so they really cannot be used being a stand alone wall clock. Additionally, the creators have not assigned exclusivity to a some time and attendance solution provider nor were they developed award interpretation software themselves.

Hand scan time clocks are typically used in harsh environments when fingerprint units simply can’t recognise users who frequently damage their fingers. Typical applications are manufacturing, mining and construction. In those environments click here they are typically installed in a dust proof enclosure to stop the mirrors and camera becoming suffering from dirt. Unfortunately those environments may also be prone to accidental or deliberate mechanical shock that is likely to misalign you and cause complications with template recognition.

Because hand scan terminals don’t have any useful embedded software for some time to attendance it’s important to look for a supplier with award interpretation or attendance software that is certainly integrated using the hand punch terminals. When selected many provider you must ensure that they are a well established hand scan solution provider as integration isn’t as straightforward you may think even though it may manage to work inside the short time there could possibly be some hidden integration issues about the track.

In summary, hand scan technology when in conjunction with some decent 3rd party software is a fantastic option for harsh environments because it’s quite faultless in the recognition capabilities. You will however , almost definitely need a good third party some time and attendance provider and stay aware that the hand scan terminals usually go here are not as robust as some in the alternative and does not take kindly to hard knocks on the occasional accidental or wilful attempt for damage.

How to Apply for Duplicate PAN Card

If your PAN card is damaged otherwise you have lost it, it is possible to apply for a duplicate PAN. The process is actually quite much like making correction in PAN card like that case also criminal background is delivered the duplicate one with required changes. The online application go here for reissuance of PAN card and making changes is same. The only difference is that you should not select any box inside the left margin during filling the design while requesting for duplicate one. This process may seem confusing to you personally initially, but don’t worry in this article we have mentioned every step clearly.

Duplicate PAN card Online

Instructions for the Applicants :

Applicant should fill within the online application. So make certain you are of internet.
In case any errors are highlighted, applicant must correct them and submit again
Make certain while filling the applying you don’t select any box on left margin
If applicant would like to change the address of communication, this could be updated while filling the application form. If not changed, the prior address will likely be used.
If you are likely to pay through Demand draft or Cheque,make without doubt the Acknowledgement number is mentioned about the reverse.


Processing Fee :

For Indian Communication Address : Rs. 105
For Communication Address outside India – Rs. 971
Note : You can cash amount through online mode or offline mode.

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for New PAN Card click :
First of the open this page
Now scroll to your bottom and in the “Please Select” drop down, choose the option in accordance with your application type and click within the select button
Now you must fill within the application.
After filling it click here around the Submit Button
An Acknowledgement containing important information will likely be displayed.
Save it and go ahead and take print out
Now you should affix two recent passport size photographs and fill from the signature within the space provided
The acknowledgement duly filled combined with the Demand Draft/Cheque(If not paid online), Proof of identity, Proof of Address, evidence date of birth, Photo copy of damaged or lost PAN(if exist) needs to be sent to following address of NSDL :

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411016

The envelope must be subscribed with “APPLICATION FOR PAN CHANGE REQUEST- “Your Acknowledgment Number” “
For any query you’ll be able to also contact PAN customer Care
For any query, leave your comments below.

Safeguarding your vehicle

Everyone loves their vehicles, whether it is a car, motorcycle or a van and give them a proper care for making their vehicle att0425ractive looking and the best amongst the others. The care should be taken for making the vehicle look new but only making it attractive, but also making it safe and secure for you, your family and for the people travelling on the road. An unsafe car will be prone to accidents and raise your hospital bill, everyone should aim in maintaining their car safe and secure. This article will showcase the points which will make your vehicle more safe and secure.


Ways For Making Your Vehicle Safe:-

  • Purchase A Good Safe Vehicle and Insure It

First of all research for the vehicle which you are going to buy and collect all information of the vehicle in this website, make sure that it doesn’t makes you compromise with the safety features. Try to check that the vehicle purchased is up to the vehicle standards made by the government. After ensuring that it has the components which will ensure the safety for you and the people travelling with you, get your vehicle insured with an insurance company for making your personal possession more safe and secure. The insurance will ensure that in case of any unwanted situation (accident) the amount insured will be given by the insurance company for covering the situation.

  • There Should Be Child Protection In The Vehicle

Every person likes to go out with their families and enjoy the moments of relief, peace and togetherness. The owner of the vehicle must use the child restraints available in the market for providing them the extra security needed. Click here the best driving school to better driver in the coming future. The child restraints must be used for the children until they attain the age of 16 years, for making them comfortable and safe during the drive. Child restraints are fully capable of providing your children the safety and security needed for them.

Onroad 2_0

  • Avoid Overloading

People always utilize their holidays to spend time with their loved ones by planning a vacation or something, during this vacation use of vehicles for reaching their vehicle is common, but try to avoid overloading the vehicle because it can result in falling onto the roads while travelling. Keep the load according to the need and capacity of the vehicle which expand the lifespan of the vehicle and its components.

  • Avoid Over-drinking And Use Of Mobile Phones

Alcohol consumption is a part of some people’s daily life, but it is good to a certain limit when it comes to driving, it is not advisable to drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol which exceeds the limit of the permitted level maintained by the government. The use of mobile phone is also be avoided while driving because it is like a distraction and can lead to accident, both alcohol and mobile phone are advisable to use less when it comes to driving because prevention is better than cure and preventing them will make you a better driver in the coming future.

Top Five Shopping Sites in India

We all know that online shopping has become a trend in India during the past few years and people now prefer to buy products online instead of going to the stores/shops. There are multiple online retail shopping sites providing products and services at a competitive price coupled with an excellent customer experience which you may not get by visiting the stores.

People also prefer to shop from shopping site as they are easily accessible through the internet and also provide door to door delivery. The E-commerce companies also provide many facilities like cash on delivery, discount coupon, free shipping and also return policies if the customer is not happy with the product.

All the eCommerce websites offer the same products and multiple options to choose there from, so the customers are often confused as to where to buy from and who to trust. Therefore, we had compiled a list of the top 5 online shopping sites in India which focus on multiple categories and haven’t included websites focusing only on a single category or a particular niche.The list of top five online shopping websites are as follows:

coupons The king of online shopping market in India started venture in the Indian market as was launched on 5th June, 2013 and since then has become a well-known name in the e-commerce business. Here I am considering it first in the list of top five shopping sites, among the other top most players in the eCommerce business.

They have a vide collections of products with competitive pricing along with fast and reliable shipping for the products. The only reason that makes it the best website for online shopping in India is, the exceptional customer service provided by it. They are the only online store in India that even offers returns on products that you no longer need within a timeframe of 7 to 30 days of delivery.

Amazon is the site raising the customers’ trust and experience in India and is surely a site which you must visit irrespective of whether you are a regular online shopper or not.

Website: – The most established shopping portal in India

Flipkart is an Indian popular e-commerce company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, who were IIT, Delhi alumni and had worked at In its initial years, Flipkart concentrated on online sales of books and then expanded to other categories like personal products, electronics, mobiles, home appliances, games, apparels, fashion accessories. Flipkart offers its users various discounts and multiple payment options which include credit card, debit card, e-gift voucher, cash on delivery and others.The cash-on-delivery method adopted by Flipkart has proven to be of great significance because credit card and net banking penetration is very low in India.

Website: – A leading Market Place in India was started in February 2010 as a daily deal platform by Kunal Bahl,a Wharton graduate and Rohit Bansal, alumni of IIT Delhi. It is a leading online marketplace, headquartered in New Delhi, India. SnapDeal is a company of young people who believe that innovation and change are amongst their top 5 core values. It offers discounts and deals on a wide range products in various categories starting from electronics, apparel, books, stationary, home and furnishing to automotive, mobiles, spa & restaurant deals and many more.




Myntra– India’s leading Fashion and lifestyle ECommerce portals

Myntra is one of the leading e-commerce website in India, established by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania, and Vineet Saxena in February 2007 having its headquarters in Bangalore. Myntra has been funded by Venture Capital funds like IndoUS, IDG & Accel Partners.


Myntra is India’s leading fashion and lifestyle eCommerce portal, by giving its customers facility to shop from a wide range of products for women, kids and men at discounted prices with multiple payment options including the most convenient option cash on delivery. It has been consistently ranked among the top three most trafficked eCommerce websites in the country.



Homeshop18 – India’sfirst 24-hour Home Shopping TV channel

HomeShop18 was launched on 9 April, 2008 as India’s first 24-hour Home Shopping TV channel, where anchors performed live demonstration of products on sale. It was rated among the top 10 eCommerce companies in India. HomeShop18 is the online and on-air retail and distribution venture of Network 18 Group. It was one of the first company to start up with virtual shopping by opening a 24/7 TV Channel for shopping from your home in 2008. HomeShop18 is the only shopping portal in India available on TV, Mobile and Web offering various products of over 1500 national and international brands and having a large delivery network of more than 3000+ locations.


I hope you like my article on ‘Top five Shopping site in India’ will help you in selecting the best website for online purchase of your favorite items. If there are any queries or suggestions, post your comment below.