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Best Free Online Storage Services

Online Storage Services

Now a day’s online storage is became one of the safest way to put in your important data. Although the space is limited but you can store the sufficient data that is most important for you. It can easily save all types of documents, PDF’s, images, videos and any other file that is under the limit. In earlier days people used to save some of the important docs and files in the form of drafts but now the modern era has totally changed due to the storage devices. These online storage devices can be also named as cloud storage services. Another option is VPS hosting and you can see the review of Arvixe VPS to know more about it. Now you might think that are these available at free cost? Yes, absolutely they are free up to some extent. Below given are the best cloud services.

Google Drive:

This is the only cloud service that gives you the storage element of 15GB which is unbelievable. Here you can upload your documents, maintain Google sheets, word online, pics, videos and many more. When you create any sheet you can give the access to as many people you can to edit and view it. It has a strong interface and it’s pretty simple to use too. At times for instant person you get space up to 25GB but this not the case for all the people. And if you want even more space then you need to pay $9.99 per month for 200GB.


Sky Drive:

Here you can get the storage just up to 7GB which is almost half of the Google drive. But if you are looking for some classic performance then this is the one you should have it on the system. If you are using the Microsoft then this is far better than any other cloud storage service. The functions are almost similar to the other services the difference lays in the space only. But you can extend it to 50GB or 100GB and even up to 200GB just for $105 per year. This is the best chance to use the services in the paid version due to the classy performance.

So if you are looking for hosting services only for space to store such important documents then this is the best alternative ever. You can’t get a better option than these free cloud services.